Tuesday morning

A bit later this morning I didn't wake until nearly 4 am so that is an improvement.  My weight is fluctuating by a pound up and down but no significant movement despite sticking religiously to the diet.  I made a couple of batches of burgers yesterday some with lean mince and some with pheasant breast to which I added lemon zest and thyme which in the end made them taste like stuffing.  We had one of each for supper so that we could compare and contrast and the remainder are in the freezer.  I also made a bolognese sauce which I will have with some lightly boiled cabbage in lieu of pasta.

Today Mark the gardener is due to come and I have plenty for him to do as we need to dig out some bushes to make room for the fence.  I have a passion flower which has gone completely mad and is climbing all over the area and will have to be cut back.  I have left it until now as it has been if full flower so it seemed a pity. Jane was due today but she has to collect a car from Bristol so she is off on the train this morning and going to drive the new car back.  She will come tomorrow instead as it makes little or no difference to me.

Len and Margaret popped in yesterday for coffee and to collect the scarves she ordered for xmas presents but now she wants to keep them as she likes them all.  Anyway she was very pleased with my efforts and my choice of colours.  Now I can get back to knitting my 4ply waistcoat which is taking a significant amount of time as 4ply grows rather slowly.

This is a still taken from the video which James took on his phone but you get the general idea.  The bird was collected from the furthest gun you can see in the picture so it was a long retrieve.  My body is gradually getting back to normal and the aches and pains are subsiding.  As you can see the area has steep hills which certainly make walking difficult especially as you end up with half the field attached to your boots.  Which reminds me I will have to make an effort to clean the boots which are still in the car!!!  It will be so much better when we have a bit of frost to harden the ground.

Well that's about it I have plenty of ironing to keep me occupied this morning until it is light then it is the dog poo job ready for Mark who will arrive about 8am.  According to the weather forecast this damp dank weather is due to lift and we may even see some sunshine later in the day.

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