Tuesday morning

King's arch infront of Golden Jubilee Wing

What a day of stress yesterday was.  David phoned at about 9am to say that he could come home but just needed to have the OK from one set of doctors.  This finally came at about 5.30pm so Sandi made her way to our house and we then drove up to London arriving at around 7pm.  Then guess what? they didn't have his TTO's [To Take Out] drugs ready so James and I sat for an hour in the car while they sorted themselves out.  Finally, when they did arrive, David was speechless with rage, apparently the drugs had been there since 5pm and in their inefficiency they had sent for a second lot.  We had a clear drive home and arrived at our house at 10pm leaving Sandi the last half hours run to her house after they had both refuelled with a cup of coffee.  Sandi had had a day of it as her car was sick and the garage computer was broken so in the end she had to borrow a car to come to mine.  What a huge cock up!!!!  Well, one thing is for certain, it was a good test of the surgery as his blood pressure must have been sky high and if that didn't cause a bleed nothing would.

Would you believe that with the warm weather I have managed to get a second crop of figs!!!  I think these will be delicious with some Parma ham....

James received another knock yesterday his federation representative found out that there is a fast track system for counselling in the metropolitan police but apparently despite meeting all the criteria and after 10 years service James doesn't warrant the expense.  You can imagine how good this has made him feel!!! He has been waiting since mid July still having nightmares when he manages to get some sleep which is not often.  What a great system!!!

Sorry about the rants but I am getting to the end of my tether so heaven only knows how he feels....

Today, we are hoping for a more relaxed day.  The wonderful Jane is due and I am hoping Mark the gardener will be coming also.  We really need him as there are several bushes that need to be removed so the railings can be installed.  Once they are in I will replant with some roses to hide the starkness.  I fancy rosa bonica one of which I have further down the garden and it is still flowering madly.

Now here is a piece of good news another pound has vanished from the scales so perhaps we are on the downward trend again with exactly half a stone to go and a full 2 stone lighter. I will need to put my thinking cap on and work out what we have by way of food for today.  I am using mashed swede as a substitute for mashed potato or rice which adds a little bulk without too much carbohydrate.  Tomorrow all being well we will be going shooting and then there is the wonderful treat of a kebab and salad for lunch.

It was a miserably damp and drizzly day yesterday but as yet it is still dry so hopefully it might be a bit better today.  I intend to take the dogs for a walk and pick a load of sea beet which is just at its best at the moment with plenty of young tender leaves.  Nothing like a bit of free food to raise the spirits.....

Have a good day all 

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