Tuesday morning and pinch punch

Well at least I have got the day right even if I am not yet in sync with the time.  I finally got my soak and the bath is now spotless again.  Then it was off to the wrought iron work place for a quote on the railings which we are going to have put up to keep the dogs from the pond while we are out.  It is not going to be cheap but at least the dogs will be secure and I will have peace of mind.  I took Basso for a bit of training but he was not in the mood and absolutely refused to pick up or retrieve dummies.  So that was a total waste of time.  Then it was on to the wool shop and I bought some yarn to make a waist coat in 4 ply which is pretty fine so it will take a while to knit.  I chose a waist coat as I like them to wear and I hate knitting sleeves.  The back is 175 stitches so it takes a while to do a row.  Anyway it should keep me out of mischief until Christmas. The weekends washing and ironing is up to-date now the bedding is due.

For lunch yesterday we had some butter-nut squash soup and for dinner we had a mackerel fillet stuffed with gremonlata [parsley, garlic and lemon zest] where the pin bones had been removed.  I think I will have to invest in the Harcombe diet book just so I feel a bit more secure in what I am doing.  This is not the time to mess up when I am so close to the end but it is nice to have a bit of a change in regimen.  Having said that the scales are reading a gain of 4lbs which is a bit disheartening.  I hope this is additional water taken on to process the different foods.

Anne, I was horrified to hear that you were unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with Meniere's disease it is a miserable condition.  My mother was wrongly diagnosed with it many years ago and it later transpired that she had a benign brain tumour which was successfully removed.  However, she had terrible headaches and a constant sound of "men marching over a wooden bridge" as she described it.  I hope that they have it under control for you and that it is not to debilitating.

Today, being the first of the month, I have several chores to do, firstly there is the dogs ears they have Thornit powder put in their ears once a month to guard against ear mites.  None of them really appreciate this treatment so it is done with bribery and corruption.  Then we read the meters and send the numbers down the wires to the fuel provider.  Interestingly we were doing some number crunching yesterday and it looks like the money we make form the panels actually covers our expenditure on both gas and electricity.  However I think the government has realised that the deal is so good they are going to cut the payments for future investors but fortunately they are not reneging on our deal which is guaranteed for 25 years.

The wonderful Jane is due today so I must have a good tidy up so she can get to the surfaces with her duster. I bought some Stones wood polish from Lakeland and now I am having a wood polishing frenzy.  The furniture certainly looks better for it so it is quite a satisfying job to do.

Anyway time for a second cup of coffee and making a start on the chores as yet I have no idea what we are going to eat today so I had better put on my thinking cap......

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