Thursday Morning

We had a lovely time shooting yesterday but I shot rather badly James however shot very well and came second to Jeff who always shoots best.  It was a lovely day nice and clear and still so ideal and we all had a good time.
When we got back Shiona had brought a pheasant casserole that she had made from the two birds that I had given her.  In the end the two birds made sufficient portions for 7 meals so all in all very economical.  My vegetable box had arrived so I quickly prepared some curly kale to go with the lunch and we were all well fed.  For supper I made a dish from my new Japanese cookery book which was basically chicken thighs which were dipped in a tempura style batter and then fried.  The batter was what I call shatter batter it was so crisp and delicious.  However the whole house smells like a chip shop this morning so a few open windows will be necessary.

James is suffering from the beginnings of a cold with a mortally sore throat, Mike too is under the weather and coughing but so far and touch wood I seem to be OK.  We all went off to bed early last night and I didn't even last long enough to see the end of Master Chef and slept until 5.30 which is unheard of.

Today we had a quiet day I think Mark the gardener might come and finish clearing the garden ready for the winter.  Mike has a long shopping list and I will keep myself out of mischief in the kitchen.  In my vegetable box there was a super recipe for Brussels sprouts with chestnuts, bacon and bread crumbs which really appeals to me so I think that may well be on the menu for today.  I also want to make the lambs heart stir fry. I have had the shredded hearts marinading in tomato purée for 24 hours so they should be very tender.  The bolognese sauce that I made yesterday can be boxed up and put in the freezer for some other occasion.

I will need to make some good soup for us to take with us on our shoot day as I think we will need something hot for lunch.  I have some good chicken stock ready and waiting now all I need to do is decided what the main flavour should be.  Pea and ham might be nice or butter nut squash and carrot, or perhaps some spiced parsnip oh decisions decisions......

One thing is for certain it is not only the house that smells like a chip shop so do I so I guess I had better start with a good shower and make myself respectable.

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