Thursday Morning

The area is cleared and ready for the fence to be installed which looks like it will be on Saturday.  Sadly I am up at this ungodly hour again this morning despite not going to sleep until 10.30 last night.  It just doesn't seem to make any difference.   Shiona and Keith are due to arrive here at 8am then we have an hours drive down to Dover for the ferry.  Fortunately we are going P&O and not Sea France so there should be no disruption especially now they have cleared the stacked lorries.  I have a few bits to do in the kitchen before they arrive and then I will need to get into the shower but I can't do that until nearer the time as it will wake everyone else.  

Shooting yesterday was good despite the weather being very chilly and damp.  I managed a good score which included one straight 10 a 9 and an 8 which is not bad shooting.  However, a couple of bad stands brought my score down to 48/70.  I console myself with the fact that were I shooting for the pot we would not starve.  The usual kebab lunch went down very well as it was 1.30 by the time we returned we were all very hungry.  Just as we were finishing our lunch the man arrived to mend the patio doors which are now fully functional again.  This makes my life much easier as they are in fact my back door and I am in and out constantly to go to the freezer.  The wonderful Jane had done her stuff while we were out and the house is now nice and clean and there is a whole machine load of washing hanging on the cloths horse in the front room drying out of the way.

I had ordered some new pillows via Groupon and have been waiting for ages for them to arrive.  Yesterday morning I lost patience and made a few phone calls to try and track down the missing items.  By sheer coincidence they arrived in the post while we were out shooting.  However, only two arrived and a further two are still due so they may well arrive today.  Fortunately, James is at home with the dogs so he can let the parcel in when and if it comes.  Shiona has put in an order for two silk duvets which are coming direct from China so we will have to see how long they take to arrive in the post.  Interestingly, they sell them by weight so that any size quilt that weighs 2kg is the same price as it has the same amount of silk in it.  I can hardly wait for mine to arrive!!!!  I thought I had finished knitting scarves but I have just received another commission but this time only for two so they will only take me a day or so to do.  They seem to be very popular and of course the only person who doesn't have one is me.

The whole idea of our cross channel sortie is to stock up on wine and cigarettes.  You still save £1 per packet and wine is much cheaper so it easily pays for the crossing and lunch out. Yes I know, I should give up but the only time I tried and gave up for 6 mths I nearly went crazy and completely lost my sense of smell.  Which meant I had no sense of taste either I regularly burned things I was cooking as I couldn't smell them.  It was a complete disaster and Mike ended up going and buying me some fags as he could stand it no longer.  So I have no plans to give up any time soon.  It does mean I am a social pariah but frankly I put up with the stink of alcohol on peoples breath which makes me feel sick and their idiot behaviour when they have been drinking it is amazing what rubbish drinkers talk when they have had a few and consider themselves sober.  If they have a problem with me smoking that is their problem.  I never smoke in non smokers houses as I know the smell lingers just like alcohol does in mine. So I make sure all glasses are washed up before I go to bed as there is nothing worse than stale booze first thing in the morning.  OK end of rant.....

Time to get on with something constructive there is no heating and I am getting cold sitting here at the machine so  little ironing will soon warm me up.  Lets hope the crossing is smooth and that the sea sickness pills work well as I am the worlds worst sailor and go green in a flat calm sea.  However conversely or perversely I am fine in a force 9 when everyone else is talking to brown paper bags I think I am on a roller coaster.....
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