Thursday Morning

It is 5.30 so I have had a good lie in this morning but that is to be expected as I was on my knees yesterday with tiredness.  We went shooting yesterday morning and it was just Shiona myself and James but he didn't want to shoot and was just acting as gun bearer.  Surprisingly I shot quite well and in the end James had a couple of goes just by way of therapy.  We were quite late back from the club and stopped off for the usual kebab fest which was just what we all needed as it was late and we were all desperately hungry.  We had a great mixture of donar, chicken, shish and kofta with masses of salad and Lavash flat breads which were all put in the middle of the table for everyone to help themselves.

This morning we are having an early start James has an appointment at the doctor at 8.30 then we are off to Ikea with Shiona and finally on to Bluewater for a free hand massage at Molton and Brown.  Today they are opening a Waga Mama at the centre and we are hoping to have lunch there.

I have finished two of the six scarves so they are coming along well.  Thank goodness they knit up nice and quickly and I can usually get one done in the evening while watching the TV.

Well that's about it I need to get going as I am starting so much later and I have a pile of ironing to get done.
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