Thursday Morning

Yesterday ended up as a quite day as Shiona arrive bright and early and we then decided that neither of us really fancied going shooting so we took the dogs for a walk instead but still treated ourselves to a Kebab lunch.  The little girl who is usually in charge of orders and salad must have had a day off and there were two chaps running the place so it was rather chaotic and neither one seemed to know what they were supposed to be doing.  However, we got our order with no problem and despite frequent requests for no pita bread we got them anyway.

This morning we are leaving home at 5.30 to take David to Kings so I set a couple of alarm clocks even though I am usually up early.  I actually managed to sleep until 3.30 so that is at least half an hour extra. I set the alarm on my mobile phone and it was then that I noticed it was still on British summer time.  It is a cheap and cheerful one as I have an iPad I don't need a fancy phone.  Both alarms have just gone off so that is good to know that they would have woken me had I still been asleep.

The dogs are going to wonder what has happened as they are going go get a very early breakfast and normally they sleep until 8am so it is the middle of the night for them.  The fact that I am up and pottering around they just ignore.

Well I had better make it short and sweet this morning as I will have to get Mike up in half an hour which he is not going to enjoy.

Have a good day all I believe it is going to rain cats and dogs today so don't forget your umbrella!!!!

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