Sunday morning

Where to start first let me tell you I still pretty ropey but not any worse than I would have felt if I had spent the day at home in bed.  We decided to go to the shoot anyway so dosed with "Day Nurse" off we went.  While the temperature was not cold there was a biting wind which cut you in half.  We were wrapped up in many layers with hats and coats so we were OK even if we looked like Michelin men.  Basso acquitted himself very well and only made one real error.  He was sent for a cock pheasant that had been pricked and was very much alive.  He chased it down and caught it but then on his way back put it down to get a better grip only to loose it and it ran off  into a hedge from where one of the other dogs eventually caught it.  Lets hope this is a lesson learned and next time he will hang on to the bird until I can dispatch it.  We always have a pound bet on the final bag the prize being a bottle of whiskey.  Well I was so close this week I bet 104 and the final total was 106 which was pretty good.  The other note worthy thing is that we were being filmed all day as there was a cameraman following the shoot.  I don't know if we will make an appearance but if it is any good I will let you know. We had to do quite a bit of off road driving and it was nice to use the Landrover for what it was intended.  we actually managed to get the ABS to cut in as we slid down a muddy bank, I don't think Mike will be very happy when he sees the state of it.   We finally arrive home at about 4.30 completely exhausted but well satisfied.  Basso had his feet put through a bucket of water to get the clay off them then collapsed in a heap to sleep.
There was no way I was going to cook for us so we ordered a Chinese takeaway which turned out to be enough for about 6 people so the dogs did rather well and had a second dinner.  Normally the shoot happens every fortnight but the next one is next Saturday so I hope I am a bit fitter by then.
Today I have some clearing up to do as we just dumped everything when we got home.  My jeans are covered in mud as are my boots.  For lunch I will do the ox tongue which just requires boiling then skinning and I will make a caper sauce to accompany it and some plain boiled potatoes.  If the water is not too salty I will use it as a base for some soup.  I must admit that the soup we took with us was just the ticket and by the time we had done 5 drives and walked miles we were really ready for it.
Other than a bit of tidying up and cooking I intend to have a day of rest and sit and knit and watch rubbish on the TV....
Have a peaceful Sunday and enjoy your lunch I am really looking forward to mine!!!!

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