Sunday morning

Well what a day we had yesterday.  The weather was pretty chilly and very misty and after a very lack lustre morning with a couple of drives that only produced a bird or two the afternoon picked up rather well.  The shoot was very short of picking up dogs so Basso and Yoda had to work extra hard to collect all the birds.  On the second to last drive Basso thought he had died and gone to heaven as no sooner had he brought us back a bird than he was sent out to get another.  One bird had gone down in the woods and he went in to search for it and found it and another got stuck in the cleft of a multi stemmed tree which he also found but James had to extract it.  At the end of the day we were all rewarded with £10 and a brace of pheasants which also included James so he was delighted.  We arrived home at about 4.30 having dropped off a brace of pheasants to the Kebab shop owner who had expressed a real wish for some.  He was delighted and couldn't believe his luck so when we went up to the shop later to order our supper he absolutely insisted that it was on the house.  I was in my bed and fast asleep by 8.30 it had been a long day and we had walked miles.  Basso had to go through the indignity of having his feet washed as they were completely caked in mud and he too was exhausted and put himself straight to bed after a monumental supper.

Today we are off to Shiona's house for lunch and James is to help build scenery but I think I will be very happy to sit in a chair and knit!!!!!I think we will take her the second brace of pheasants as it will save me a job and she likes them.  I already have some in the freezer from last time and there will be more!!!

We have some lovely video footage of Basso retrieving a bird but at the moment we are having some problems in downloading it from James iPhone to the computer but when we have succeeded I will see if I can get some stills off it.

Have a good day I intend to rest mostly..................

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