Sunday morning

Another nice day yesterday despite the miserable weather.  It was our wedding anniversary of 34 years.  Where has all the time gone it doesn't feel a day over 50 years!!!  The dogs got a nice walk in the rain which fortunately was light so we didn't get too wet.  James and I attacked the crossword puzzle which we have all but completed without the use of Wikipedia.
I forgot to mention another piece of good fortune on our shopping expedition - I had a bottle of perfume "Mademoiselle Channel" but the top had broken so I took the remaining half bottle to the Channel counter to ask for a new top.  Did I get a new top? no I got a whole new bottle!!!!  so smelling nice and wearing my new bra I felt a million dollars.
I had some sweet potatoes which I made into a vegetable curry which we had for supper last night.  Mike ate his early but James and I left it until we had returned from the Apple shop. We gave Basso the pot to wash up for us and he is now very definitely a white and orange dog as the turmeric has stained his face a lovely shade of bright orange.  The phones are now unlinked and I have just spent a happy hour fiddling with all the gadgets.  Fortunately, it functions much the same as my iPad so there is not too much to learn.   Sadly all my contacts were on the phone not the sim so they will all have to be put back in but what else do you do on a rainy Sunday morning....

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