Sunday and a day of rest

Where to start - we went up to Victoria on the train from Gillingham and the train while full was not over crowded then it was a short tube journey to Earls Court.

It was the Christmas show and so there were lots of Christmas trees which had been sprayed white and all decorated in white with just some fairy lights.  All very tasteful and giving the impression of a snow covered forest.  Shiona being a systematic person organised us to work our way through the lanes of stands so that we missed nothing.  Did we come out unscathed, no of course we didn't, but we did manage to resist the obligatory mops and buckets.  We bought some interesting caps which convert any can into a bottle which means that they are now much more useful especially in the car.  

We also purchased some really heavy duty peelers which convert into a mini mandolin so I am going to be eating all my vegetables in julienne strips or wafer thin slices for a while.  Needless to say we had our hands ex foliated with some stuff which appeared to be sugar and oil and we had our eyebrows shaped by some very skilled girls using the threading technique.  Both Shiona an I are devotees of the microfibre clothes and have both purchased a new cloth which is nano fibre and guaranteed to leave a streak free finish on all glass and mirrors etc. so I guess I am going to have to have a cleaning spree.  Ladened with  our purchases we made our way back to Victoria where we just missed a train so we sat and had a coffee while we waited for the next one.  Mike was given a call from Rochester and was waiting at the station as we arrived so all in all a very uneventful journey.  One of the things that struck us both was the random acts of kindness we witnessed during our trip on both tube journeys we were offered seats by nice young men and were duly impressed.

There was a surprise waiting for me when I got home my friend from Japan had just returned and had brought me a lovely cookery book explaining all about Japanese cookery ingredients and how to prepare them.  She also brought me some acupressure things for my back and some lovely strawberry cakes which we devoured instantly.

Thank goodness I had prepared the pork and vegetables as all I had to do was slam it in the oven and reheat the veg and we were treated to a really lovely meal.  The 3 days spent preparing the pork is definitely worth the effort and we demolished it all with relish.

Today I am going to rest and try to do nothing except the meals and maybe play with my new toys!!!!  Oh and I have the crossword to do!!!!

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