Saturday morning

Good morning all well I am up and now trying to decide what to do with regard to the shoot do I go or not....

I think I will dose myself with Day Nurse and give it a go I can always come home if I start to feel really rough.  Anyway, a day in the fresh air might do me good.   If there are loads of "pickers up", we can always decide to turn around and leave.  The weather is quite kind and not too cold so provided I wrap up and fill my pockets with tissues I should be fine. To take with us I have made some butter nut squash and red lentil soup and have a pan of cold pork and leek sausages which I cooked yesterday.  I went ahead and made the sushi for lunch which went down OK even though none of us was really in the mood.  The remaining salmon I pan fried and then mixed with a sour cream and chive dip and spread on toast for supper, this was much nicer than I expected and went down very well.

Yesterday we had a trip to the chemist to collect Mikes monthly prescription so while I was there I restocked on the cold and flu remedies.  Then it was off to Aldi where I restocked with lemons for hot toddies and finally on to the butcher where I picked up an ox tongue which had been brined.  That will be Sunday lunch hot with caper sauce and boiled potatoes.

Now this you wont believe, last night, before we retired, Basso was at the new gate asking to go up the garden.  I relented and opened it.  All three dogs shot up the garden like grey hounds out of the traps, they just reached the pond when Tuc skidded on the wet leaves and went straight into the water!!!!  he managed to scramble out while I watched and came back with his tail firmly between his legs.  It just goes to show that we really do need the gate, when we are not around, as he certainly doesn't seem to have learned his lesson.  He seemed to think that he deserved a treat for his "near drowning", experience but was refused as we don't want him to think that if he throws himself in the pond he will be rewarded. Stupid boy!!!!!

The waist coat that I am knitting is progressing slowly but I am running out of wool and the shop where I bought it has run out so I spent some time on the internet and have managed to locate a ball of the same colour but no doubt it will be a different dye lot.  I hope it wont show too badly if I start the last front with the new ball.  Anyway it doesn't really matter as it is only for me to wear around the house.  I am also going to knit the final 2 scarves, one for me, as I keep loosing mine and one for Mark the gardeners wife.  Then I promise to stop, I think 24 is quite enough for anybody.

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