Saturday Morning

The warm and balmy weather continues and yesterday was lovely for walking the dogs.  I wore a coat but really it was not necessary as it was so sunny and lovely.  The belly of pork continues it processing and spent 3 hours in a 150 degree oven submerged in goose fat.  It is now at the pressing stage and should be ready for eating tonight when I get back from London.

Today is a bit crazy Shiona is coming over here and we are going to the Ideal Gnomes [homes] exhibition and James is going to Shiona's house on his motorbike to help with the scenery construction. He went up to London yesterday afternoon and collected his bike so now he is a bit more independent. We have chosen this arrangement as it makes for the easiest train journey.  Mike can drop us at the station where we can get a fast train to Victoria, 50 minutes, then 4 stops on the district line to Earls Court.   If I had gone to Shiona's it would have been a more tortuous journey from Paddock Wood.  I am not looking for anything specific at the exhibition but no doubt I will find something completely irresistible that I really need!!!!

My weight doesn't seem to have suffered from my French over indulgence but if I am to ever reach my goal I think another purge is necessary.  So I think a return to the strict Dukan diet for a couple of weeks might do the trick.  However, it is difficult with James in the house as he needs to eat sensibly and so cooking all the stuff for the diet will just make added work for me.  Since his illness in mid July when it was finally recognised that he was also suffering from PTSD he now has his first counselling session next week so he has only had to wait 4 months, apparently he was considered a priority so well done the Metropolitan Police!!!!!  Since he has been at home he has had fewer nightmares and flash backs purely because he is being distracted and kept occupied.

The men came yesterday afternoon and erected the new fence which I will take a photo of once it gets light.  I think it will serve its purpose but I am a bit concerned that the dogs might try to negotiate their way under the gate where there is a large gap.  Basso of course could easily jump the whole structure but he doesn't seem inclined to do so and I am not going to encourage him.  At the moment it looks a bit stark but once it is covered in roses it will be fine and hopefully we will have no further drowning incidents.

The laundry still has not been ironed so I had better get on with that or it will run into next weeks washing.  I made some soup with the carcass of the smoked chicken which Mike can have for his lunch along with some of the cold meat which is left.  If I prepare some vegetables to go with the pork then hopefully all I will have to do for dinner is pan fry the belly and we will have a meal.  I'm sure I will be tired when I return so I don't want too much to do.

Have a good weekend all .......


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