Saturday morning

A hunting we will go!!! yes I am up at the crack of dawn again but I think that is due to excitement and a very early night.  Yesterday we took the dogs for a long long walk and picked bags of sea beat for James friend who had never tried it but likes to cook as she is of  Greek extraction.  It was a pretty miserable damp and dank day but we made the most of it.  The dogs came home stinking of the river as they had all been paddling in the mud. There was little or no point in cleaning Basso as he is going to be filthy again today.  I managed to get back up to date with the household chores so I can go our today with a clear conscience.

Our Flanders' Field of Poppies in 2008
I was pleased to see that the two minutes silence to remember the fallen was taken so seriously and that the poppy appeal has done so well this year.  Since 2008, a special Flanders' Field of Poppies has been created from hundreds of cardboard poppies planted beside the Menin Gate in Ypres, to commemorate the end of the First World War.

When I used to work at Maidstone hospital I drove past a Royal British Legion village every morning and really admired the pretty little bungalows with their neat gardens.  They are very colonial in style with large verandas and look for all the world as if they have been transported from the hills of Kashmir.

The diet is not show any signs of weight loss and this last half stone seems determined to stay.  However I suppose I should give it a bit longer before deciding to change back to Dukan.  Anyway the good news is that I am not putting on weight.

We are having a carbohydrate packed lunch in the form of egg and tomato sandwiches with no butter and dinner will be lean grilled lamb and shed loads of salad from the kebab shop so all according to plan.  So it aught to be working!!!!

Basso is still fast asleep and I haven't got the hunting bag out yet so he has no idea.  However the minute he sees the bag he knows what is happening and goes nuts.....
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