Saturday morning

To my horror I am up again at a very early hour despite having no sleep yesterday afternoon.  However, I am not too upset as I had a fabulous day yesterday.

If you have been to Rigby and Peller then you can skip the next paragraph but for me it was a revelation.   We were met and greeted at the shop by a personal assistant and offered champagne or orange juice and there were some pieces of cake available too.  Then came the fitting and the first thing we were told was that they do not use tape measures but judge your size by eye.  I was marginally sceptical about that but I was wrong.  I was asked what size bra I was currently wearing which was a 38DD and seemed to fit OK the lady looked at me and said no you are a 36F and off she trotted to get some for me to try and when I some I mean about 10.  Was she right? you bet, and then in the trying process both Shiona and I realised that neither of us put our bras on properly.  Anyway, I selected a very nice navy blue set and a flesh set for wearing under white blouses.  The only  fly in the ointment is that they have to be hand washed which is a bit of a drag.  Anyway, I have seldom had such a large sum of money extracted from me so very nicely.  With everything beautifully wrapped in tissue  and in a very posh bag we left for our lunch and then a complimentary hand massage at Molton and Brown.
In the mean time James had been trawling around and had managed to get a new mobile phone on a much cheaper contract which meant that his iPhone 3 was now redundant and guess who got it?  Yes, me it is my Christmas present.  Well you can imagine my delight being a tech fan.  When we got home we tried just swapping my sim card over into the iPhone but it remains linked to James account so at 7:10 this evening we have an appointment at the "genius bar" to get the problems sorted out and the phones working independently.

While we were fiddling with the phones we got a phone call from my brother in law who HAD, passed tense, bladder cancer, which has now gone following treatment.  He has yet to see the consultant but his GP read the biopsy report and gave him the good news.  So it seems that good things also come in 3's.
While we were having all this fun Mike has organised the fence for the garden which should be ready to be installed in a fortnight.  We will then be totally secure with the dogs.

Today will be a little quieter and apart from a little shopping and the crossword the only thing I need to do is get the dogs out for a good long run.  They were completely neglected yesterday so today is their turn.  The hens will also need cleaning out and a couple of meals will need to be organised but that is just daily life.  Having had such a blast of happiness yesterday I feel rejuvenated and fit to face the world in my new underwear.

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