Monday morning

Yesterday was a day for muddling through - we were all feeling lousy so little got done other than the essentials for life.  The lunch was delicious but no one felt much like eating except me so I devoured a huge plateful of tongue caper sauce and curly kale which is one of my favourites.  A couple of loads of muddy clothing got put through the washing machine and then draped around the house to dry.  It would have been a good day to dry outside but I just didn't have the energy to put the washing line out.  By supper time it was every man for himself Mike just wanted toast and jam, I had a couple of boiled eggs and James did himself a fry up as he had not had any lunch.  We all cluttered off to bed early and watched our respective TV's.  I am hoping that that will be the worst of it over and that we should start to make some moves towards recovery.  If rest is good for you then we have had plenty of that.  Basso was pretty happy with the regimen and was certainly happy to rest but he was not impressed when we decided that he needed to be groomed as he still had copious amounts of woodland in his coat.  Chasing 6.5 stones of reluctant dog around left us all exhausted.  Strangely he behaves well if he is put up on a grooming table but on the floor he is master of his own fate.
Mike and I both live and die in our Crocs so I have purchased a pair of winter ones as a sort of Christmas present for us both.  Could there be anything better than fur lined Crocs?

Some how I don't think they will remain unused until Christmas!!!! especially as the temperature has dropped like a stone and we are down to 3 degrees this morning.  Apparently the lining is detachable and machine washable, so pretty ideal.

I have no idea what we are going to eat today there is lots of left over pressed tongue which will either have to be eaten or frozen.  I also have lots of stock from the cooking process which will make some lovely leek and potato soup when my veg box arrives tomorrow.  I also have some nice parsnips which will need eating so roast and rolled in Parmesan should be nice and I think I have some lamb chops in the freezer so that will have to do.  I am not really in the mood for cooking so it is just a case of keeping it together until we all feel a bit better.

Now how is this for rationalisation, steam is good for bad chests so bending over my steam iron is good for me, so I will tackle the ironing this morning.  Actually, I will just be happy that it is done and out of the way the last thing I want is things piling up and praying on my conscience.....

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