Monday morning

Oh dear what a blow out we had yesterday.  Roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, Brussels sprouts and celeriac purée.  I over indulged in a major way and then paid the price.  I spent the afternoon in bed shivering and with terrible cramp in my feet.  When the shivering finally stopped I thought I was going to catch fire and spontaneously combust.  Finally around 8pm I began to feel a little better and got up and had a shower and a mug of hot milk then slept like a baby until 4.30 this morning when I am feeling right as ninepence.  I think it was all self inflicted by over indulgence and exhaustion you would have thought that at my age I would know the difference between scratching it and tearing it but apparently not!!!!!

Today I had better have a day of restraint and take things easy.  We have plenty of cold meat left for meals and I have made a remoulade with the remaining celeriac so there is nothing to do for meals.  I do however have mountains of washing to be getting on with and the dogs could use a good run so that is what I have in mind.  The chickens will also need cleaning out as that got put on hold over the weekend.  The crossword puzzle is still not finished so that will keep me occupied for a while.  

I went to thank my Japanese friend for the lovely cookery book only to discover that she had given her mother and sister the scarves I had knitted for her.  However, her aunt wanted one too so she gave her hers now she doesn't have one for herself so I guess I had better knit a couple more.  I am currently kitting number 22 for a friend of Shiona which I had hoped would be the last!!! They do seem very popular......

Well that's about it for today I am looking forward to a quiet and restful day so I can recharge my batteries and get onto an even keel.  Have a good day all.....

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