Monday morning

That's it all six scarves are done

Our first job of the morning was to get the concrete out of Basso's paws where, despite having been washed the night before, the clay had set in large lumps.  The only way to shift it was with a pair of scissors and chop out the lumps that were stuck between his toes and in between his pads.  As you can imagine he was not keen to have this done and attacking him with scissors made it all a bit risky.  He did however seem to appreciate that it was for his benefit and finally settled and allowed us to do the job.

We set off fairly early and arrived at Shiona's at about 10.30 to find scenery building in full swing.  James got stuck in and I settled down to chat and knit.  We had a lovely lunch of roast chicken with assorted vegetables and for dessert we had an assortment of cheese.  I managed to resist the roast potatoes which had been cooked in goose fat.  In the afternoon Shiona and Keith took the pack of 6 dogs for a long walk across the fields and apparently they were all very well behaved.  Once the light started to fail it was a case of a cup of tea and make our way back home.  I was pretty shattered having had such an early start and no sleep in the afternoon.  I must admit that twisty windy country lanes at night is not my favourite driving.  While we were at Shiona's we booked ourselves a channel crossing on the ferry for £19 so the four of us are going to go on Thursday.  James is going to stay behind and look after the dogs and possibly sort out the men doing the fence who might arrive.  We have a flexible arrangement of Thursday, Friday or Saturday.  While we were at it Shiona also ordered the silk duvets to be delivered direct from China.  This should take about a month so I may have it for xmas.  We finally managed to get the film from James iPhone to my computer via U Tube which was all a bit long winded but worked in the end.  Apparently they are going to make a professional film at the shoot in a couple of weeks time so hopefully we may get a copy of that.

Today I plan to do as little as is humanly possible, however, there is a big pile of washing from the shoot on Saturday which will need to be done and I suppose people will want to eat as well but who knows what?
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