Monday morning

Many thanks for all the anniversary wishes, I must admit that this far down the track we do little to celebrate. In years gone by, when the boys were younger, we used to have alternate year celebrations.  One year it was all the bonfire night stuff then next it was our anniversary.

Yesterday, was just a nice peaceful Sunday with the exception of a mishap with a pigeon  which I shot as it was using our newly cleaned guttering as toilet.  Unfortunately it fluttered from the roof and landed with a thud on very edge of my next door neighbours conservatory roof.  It was mid morning so I rang and asked permission to remove the offending bird from the roof which they were happy for me to do.  This done we were just drinking coffee when the husband of my neighbour came round to complain and ask me not to shoot the pigeons on his roof.  I then explained that the pigeon was on MY roof and that I never have shot anything on their roof and it was just unfortunate that it landed there, they usually fall between the houses.  Anyway I hope I soothed his ruffled feathers.  I hasten to add that I use a silenced air rifle for this task not my shotgun!!!!

We took the dogs for a nice run in the woods, for a change of scene, and I must admit it is so much more fun to have company on the walks.  James is happy to go dog walking and we were amazed at how Basso was quartering the ground and searching assiduously for any wild life.  He was very definitely in hunting mode which meant if we walked a mile he covered about six.

 For lunch we had decided to have a fat meal which was some lamb rump with cauliflower cheese.  The sauce being made with no flour and thickened with egg rather like a custard.  Dinner was a large green salad with some kippers, another fat only meal.  So today for lunch I am going for a carb only lunch of baked potato with a butter bean and tomato and garlic sauce.  Dinner will be lambs kidneys in a sherry and mustard sauce with a salad accompaniment and minus the usual rice.    The change of diet has meant that my weight has stayed static but I am hopeful that the pounds will start to shift soon.  If not it will be back to the Dukan diet which is much stricter.   

We are on stand by today and possibly tomorrow to go up to London and fetch David from the hospital.  He has made excellent progress following his surgery and they are hoping to discharge him home.  We all feel that a tortuous journey home on the train is out of the question so I will drive up there and fetch him.  I know that Sandi will be pleased to have him home as it has been a very worrying time for them both.

As I will be largely confined to barracks awaiting the call I am going to make a serious effort to fill in my contacts list which is very patchy.  Then, hopefully, I will have all the information in one place instead of scattered between  assorted phones and address books.  I think I could use a data import clerk for a couple of days!!!!

Have a good day all and enjoy the balmy weather.  I have seen reports that by the end of November we may be in for a big freeze and plenty of snow!!!!
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