Friday morning

What a smashing day we had yesterday.  I survived the boat crossing and the "Joy Rides" made sure that I was not sick, however, they did nothing for the nausea.  I found that concentrating on my knitting was a good way to keep my mind off the swaying motion of the ship.  It also caused quite a stir amongst the other lady passengers who were fascinated at how the scarf just materialised.  With an hour and a half crossing in each direction I managed to finish the scarf easily.  We made some purchases on the boat and also got a complimentary 6 bottles of wine.  We had asked for special assistance on the ticket which meant that they parked us right next to the lift so Mike had minimal walking to do.  

Once in France we headed to the Lidl shop where there were some excellent bargains to be had in the wine department.  I bought some odds and ends like a tin of confit duck, smoked chicken, some course cooking salt and some Dijon mustard.  I also bought some escargot for supper which we had with some crusty bread and followed with some lovely Camenbert.  Shopping done we then headed to the restaurant in Sangate where we have eaten on many occasions and had a really lovely meal.  Then it was up the hill to have a look at the statue of H. Latham who failed to cross the channel in an aeroplane on two occasions.  We had to laugh at a statue to an heroic failure!!!  Then it was back to the boat with about an hour to wait before embarkation.  We arrived home at about 6.30 and unloaded all the wine into the garage.  I just about managed to watch Master Chef before I passed out - it had been a very long day for me.

Hubert Latham

The dogs were pleased to see us home and did not refuse the sausages that I had taken from the full English breakfast and carried around in my handbag all day.  We had all agreed that they were inedible and contained no meat and would have been suitable for vegetarians.

Even though I was pole axed I managed to sort out the pork belly and get it into the fridge before I collapsed in my bed.  Today it is due to be cooked slowly in the oven in goose fat and lard then pressed ready for frying off on Saturday.  

As I feel so shattered I think we will have the smoked chicken for lunch today which requires no work at all.  James is off up to London to fetch his motorbike so that he has a bit more independence and can then make his own way over to Shiona's where he is needed for more scenery work.  

When we arrived home there was a parcel waiting for me which contained three broad leafed thyme plants that I had ordered the day before.  It is amazing how quickly some things arrive and how long others take.  I am now in a bit of a quandary as to whether to plant them outside or keep them in a pot until the spring.  The weather is so mild at the moment that I think they would be fine outside, but who knows what is around the corner and if they will have sufficient time to get their roots established before the weather changes.  I think to be on the safe side I will keep them in a pot so that I can protect them if things get bad.  

I also have a decision to make as I have been invited to go to the ideal homes exhibition on Saturday as Shiona has some free tickets.  It boils down to how shattered I am and if I feel like traipsing up to London on the train and then trawling around the exhibition. I think I will postpone the decision until later today when I am fully awake.  In the mean time I have some laundry to keep me occupied.  

Have a good day all and enjoy this mild weather while it lasts I have a nasty feeling we may well pay for it later in the year!!!!

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