Friday morning but only just

It is stupid o'clock again and my sleep patterns are completely gone to pot.  Yesterday was a very tiring day with the really early start.  We made it up to Kings by 7am and were completely gob smacked at the amount of traffic on the roads at that time of the morning.  Sandi stayed with David until he went down for his operation at about 11.30 and we bunked round at James flat having first had breakfast at the greasy spoon opposite.  James is having a few days off so he is down with us.  On the way home we stopped at a local pub for some lunch as Sandi had not eaten and we were all getting hungry.  Sandi then made her way home to sort out her dogs.  David has had his surgery and is now in the HDU [High Dependency Unit] they will then hopefully be transferring him to a normal ward later today.  They are anticipation between 3-5 days in hospital before they send him home.  As far as we know all is going according to plan.

The poor dogs are in a state of confusion what with the clocks going back and us getting up in the middle of the night.  Basso refused to eat his early breakfast but was keen to have is supper early then felt he was owed another meal later.  Well if he thinks he is have a three meal regimen he had better think again.  Last night for supper we had some lovely prawns, the big ones in their shells, which I cooked with butter garlic parsley and a good splash of fino sherry served with some spinach and roasted peppers.  Oh what I would have given for a piece of crusty bread to sop up the gravy!!!  My weight has now dropped back to where it was before I moved diets so I am hopeful that the change will kick start further losses.

I think it was the rain that woke me this morning as it was pounding down on the flat roof outside my bedroom window and making quite a noise.  Shiona is coming over today to pick us up and take us to Bluewater shopping centre to attend our appointment with the Queen's Bra makers [Rigby and Peller]  not to be confused Pen and Teller the magicians although I would be happy for them to work some magic. We usually park in the John Lewis car-park which means walking through the store and I seldom get out of there empty handed. We are then going to Ikea to buy some candles.  Why Ikea? I hear you ask, well they are the only people who sell candles that don't drip or smoke and Shiona is a real candle enthusiast and needs to restock.  I dare say there will be something that I desperately need but as yet I have no idea what?

As I am out all day I will need to make some contingency plans for supper as I am sure I will not feel much like cooking when I get home.  I am favouring a quinoa and sea food type of a dish which should come fairly close to a risotto and count as a carbohydrate meal.  I have absolutely no trouble in eating fat meals but the carb meals are more difficult.  Anyway, we will battle on and hope that we are somewhere near our goals by Christmas.  Mike is keen to have a goose for xmas but that leaves us with almost no left overs which means cooking again on boxing day which I hate.  I like to have lots of left overs to pick at the next day so I may well do my usual trick of cooking a very small turkey on xmas-eve to have for left overs for the next few days.
Christmas day is a Sunday this year so there will be plenty of bank holidays to follow.  For the first time in ages we will just be Mike and I and possibly James for the holiday so I can do precisely what I like.

While we are out today Mike is staying behind to sort out the wrought iron fencing which is going to cut off the pond from the rest of the garden and hopefully prevent any further drowning incidents.  It will take about a fortnight for them to manufacture the fencing and gate and in the mean time I will have to clear space for the posts to be put in with quick drying cement.  I hope that it will not need painting as that is a pretty miserable job and I hate doing it.

Don't you just envy the ability to sleep!!!!! you will note that the crate door is open and this is Basso's choice of place to sleep.

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