Wednesday morning

Yesterday we had a very near disaster Tuc, pictured above, had followed Mike to go and feed the fish but as he is such a gut bucket he always waits for the fish food to float near the edge of the pond and then siphons it up.  Mike had left him there and gone upstairs to have a rest but happened to pop into the back bedroom and saw water all over the path.  Then he noticed that Tuc was in the pond and unable to get out and was drowning so he yelled for me.  I was down the stairs in seconds and fished him out of the water.  Fortunately he was still shivering so I wrapped him in a succession of dry towels and held him close to my body for warmth.  He was absolutely frozen and must have been in the water for over half an hour.  I was conscious that he should be rewarmed slowly and as the shivering gradually subsided I then used the hair dryer to warm him further.  My fears were for both shock and hypothermia both of which were avoided thank goodness and this morning he seems none the worse for his trauma.  However I am now really worried about leaving the dogs with access to the pond while we are out and about.  So I think some fencing is in order so that we can restrict their access or I will have to lock their flap and restrict them to the house.  Mostly for my peace of mind.  The other alternative is to put some breeze block steps in the corner of the pond so that they can get out if they fall in.

Today is going to be a busy one as we are expecting a roofer to come and put some chicken wire under the edges of the solar panels to stop the pigeons from nesting beneath them.  We don't think they are doing any damage but the filth they cause is considerable.  I am destined to go shooting with Jeff and Shiona so Mike will have to stay behind and supervise.  We are going to have a kebab for lunch which will save me the effort of making a meal and is also allowed within my diet limits.  By way of an experiment I tried on the suit I wore when at my thinnest, and guess what, it fits like a glove, not that I have anywhere to wear it as it is not exactly dog walking clothing.  Never the less I was pleased, little things please little minds and all that!!!!

The garden is looking a whole lot tidier as Mark had a good chopping down session yesterday and between us we have dismantled the chicken accommodation and left it all open to the elements for the winter so that the weather can do its stuff.  In the spring we will then reassemble it all and once it has been pressure washed and I can reclaim the green house which hopefully will have been well manured.  Mark was commenting that the garden looks good even in the winter as there are sufficient evergreen shrubs to give it structure even when all the perennials and deciduous shrubs have died back.  I was chuffed as while the layout was professionally designed the planting scheme was mine.

I need to get myself to the wool shop and buy some yarn for the scarves that are on order I tried yesterday but they were closed, who would have thought they would be closed on a Tuesday!!! most inconsiderate.  Anyway time I got on with something constructive like emptying the dish washer [hated job]  the dishwasher is my least favourite piece of equipment and I must admit that it would be the first to go I often find myself washing up by hand rather than load the machine!!!!


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