Wednesday morning

Now I am going to make you laugh yesterday morning while I was making the daily galettes I successfully dropped and entire large pot of natural yoghurt which hit the floor and exploded covering me, the floor and the cupboard fronts liberally with yoghurt.  No problem, I just announced that there had been a "food accident" and three willing helpers arrived to clean me, the floor and the cupboards.  Job done!!!  Just one of the advantages of having three dogs in the house....

Isn't it cold?  needless to say I left the pump cleaning for a warmer day.  The new boiler seems to be doing its thing well, and the radiators are coming on and keeping the house nice and warm.  Now all we need to hope is that the bills are reduced as it should be much more efficient than the previous boiler.  We have done everything possible to minimise heat loss with cavity wall insulation 10" of loft insulations and are fully double glazed.  I have broken out the heavy jackets for shooting today as I think we are going to need them. The thought also crossed my mind that it might be a day for the silk long Johns.   It is hard to believe that it was a mere fortnight ago that we were sweltering in 35 degrees.  No wonder the Brits are so weather conscious.

After shooting we are having a treat lunch yes, yet another, kebab but grilled chicken and salad is OK for the diet conscious and it is a lovely treat not to have to cook.  Since we started this lark I have been making three courses for lunch and another three for supper which is quite taxing.  However it certainly has called upon all my ingenuity to come up with different things to keep us amused.

The hens seem to be settling into the winter quarters and yesterday we had four eggs all be it scattered all over the place.  They do have a nice nest box with lots of shredded newspaper but as yet they have not decided to use it.  I have moved it closer to their shelter in the hope that they will get the general idea.

While Shiona was here on Monday I got her to hide a couple of dummies in the garden so that I could do a couple of blind retrieves with Basso.  If I try and hide dummies he just follows the scent of my footsteps.  It is important that when I send him for a dummy/bird that he believes me and goes and looks.  He needs to have confidence in me as pack leader and the best hunter.  The confines of the garden are a bit limited for this sort of training so I really need a buddy who will come walking with me so we can do this exercise in a much larger area.  Sadly Sandi who would be more that willing is some 20 miles way which makes it a very expensive class.

Well that's about it for today stay wrapped up warm
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