Wednesday and bin day

Playing with the macro facility on the camera I took this of verbena bonariensis which grows easily in all the paving but not in the flower beds where it is supposed to!

Now lets start the day with a bit of good news the diet is working wonders another 2 lbs lost which only leaves me 13 to go to my target weight.  I will expect a bit of a slow down as the nearer you are to the target the harder the weight loss seems to be.  The name of the game now is to persevere and hopefully get there fairly soon at the current rate I am looking at about another 6-7 weeks.  I will try not to bore you with too many details but as you can imagine it does consume a good deal of my time just organising the very restricted food regimen.  

Today we are expecting delivery of a new dining table some time between 7am and 11am.  We have been living with a rather cheap and nasty Ikea table since the original one got broken!!! Don't ask who broke it, he is still fast asleep.  Anyway, we have finally settled on a new table which although it doesn't match the other wood, will I hope, look nice none the less.  We have such a mixture of woods in the dining room that one more will make little difference.  The old table has found a good home and Mark the gardener is going to come and collect it with his trailer later this afternoon.  Once I have seen the new table in I will then be free to get on with the gardening and get the dogs walked so I hope it comes early rather than late. In the mean time I have plenty to keep me occupied there is as always ironing and cupboards to clean.  Jane nearly fainted yesterday when she saw how beautiful the cupboard under the sink was when she went to get her cleaning things.  

Yesterday our cheque arrived from Centrica to pay for our solar energy and as a matter of interest we have made some £950 so far this year.  Our total projected spend on electricity is about 350 which leaves us in credit  to the tune of £600 and the year is not over yet.  All in all this is proving to be a great investment.  Hopefully the new boiler will also save us money on our gas bill and with any luck the solar panels will pay for all our energy consumption and a little bit of profit.  I am also well into profit with the hens who are still laying 4 eggs per day and have broken the 400 egg barrier which easily covers the initial out lay on the hens and their food.  

Well on that bright and happy note I am off to put the bins out and then get on with some cupboard work.  Have a great day all......

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