Wednesday and bin day

And the roses just keep flowering.

I have had no further news from Thailand so I am assuming that all is going according to plan.  Today is Mikes birthday and by way of a celebration we are going to go out for lunch after shooting.  I am going to enjoy shooting today as I feel the need to let off a bit of steam.  In my minds eye I can imagine a few people who I would dearly love to be on the other end of the gun.  Shooting clays is a very good way to let out some of the pent up emotions, a bit like bashing the hell out of bread dough.  

Yesterday, was very over cast and windy and looked for all the world as though it was going to rain but it never did.  The forecast has rain for today but I hope it is not until later this afternoon when we have finished shooting.  I falsely accused the hens of not laying but it was my fault, I was too early and I found the usual 4 eggs in the nest when I went to put them to bed that night.  I spent some time cleaning in the kitchen which seems to be therapeutic and making shiny things shiny makes the whole room look better.  The little copper pots take forever to polish but do look stunning when done.

Now that I have started I might just as well turn out a cupboard each morning while I wait for the sun to rise it is one way to gradually get round the cleaning.  I should have plenty of time this morning with nothing to prepare for lunch.  I have tried to make a piperade for supper with no oil so basically it is just stewed red peppers with garlic and tomatoes - it tastes not too bad but you do miss the warm note that some olive oil brings.  Dieting is all about compromise and deprivation but if it achieves the desired outcome fine.  I must admit that I have not missed the carbs as much as I thought I would but I do miss the fat which has always been my downfall.  The idea of a three course meal does some how play psychological tricks and makes you feel as though you have had a good meal.  For example a light broth soup followed by a grilled steak followed by a sugar free jelly feels like a meal however the starter and desert are are both just flavoured water and the only real food is the steak.  We have become very used to the galettes which do contain a small amount of carbohydrate in the form of oat bran and if made thin can be used to make a sandwich.

I am going to give the pheasants and extra day hanging as they have spent some time in the fridge when it was so hot so they can wait until tomorrow when I will have time to deal with them.  I shot a pigeon off the roof yesterday but  they are feral so not for the pot just practice for Basso.  

Well time is marching on and I had better get started have a good day all and in the words of the inimitable Dave Allen "may your god go with you".

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