Tuesday morning

The birthday boy opens his presents, would you believe carriages for his train set!!!  We had a nice lunch and the pub did us proud so as it was my recommendation I was highly delighted.  I was very good and had a bit of pate with some salad to start with but omitted the garlic bread and followed it with mussels leaving both the chips and the bread.  The cake I managed to surreptitiously secrete into a bag which came home for the dogs.  I must admit that it has thrown me to have a celebration on a Monday lunch time which some how felt like Sunday.  By the time we arrived home at about 4pm I was pole axed with tiredness and went straight to bed and slept for a good three hours.  Only to be woken by a call from the wonderful Jane who has sadly had her car written off by a lorry - no one was hurt but she will not be coming today as she needs to sort out the mess.  This is not a problem as the house is tidy and clean as I have just had visitors.  I have had an order for another two scarves so I will need to take a run to the wool shop and get some more yarn.

Mark the gardener is due today and there is plenty of clearing up to be done as the leaves are really beginning to fall and we have had some wind and rain.  The summer hen run is in need of a good tidy up so that the winter weather can do its job of cleaning it.  But my first job will be to do the dog poo as soon as it is light.  Tomorrow Jeff is coming and we are going shooting, I am not sure if Shiona is coming as she currently has a chest infection and we are due to go to her house on Thursday for dinner and to stay the night.  This will save me the drive home late at night through all the little country lanes and there is not problem with the dogs as they will come with us.  James is due on Friday but I am not sure what time then it is off to the shoot bright and early on Saturday morning so a pretty full week for me and I am feeling shattered so I will need to catch some shut eye at some point.  I will need to sort out Mikes old Wellington boots for James to wear on Saturday if the weather is wet as the fields turn rapidly to into quagmires.  At the moment the weather forecast is for a cloudy warm day so they may not be needed.  I will also have to put my mind to the packed lunch and something for Mike to eat while we are out.  When we get home we will go to the kebab shop as there is no way that I am going to set too and cook.  Firstly I had better get on with today's menu.

Have a good week all
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