Tuesday morning

Sorry that the new dynamic layout is giving you all so many problems I have, as you see, reverted to the earlier format.  Nice to here from you Val and glad you still find my mundane life worth a read.

Lovely bunch of flowers from the Japanese lady for whom I am knitting scarves to take to Japan.  Actually they are finished so I will run them down to her today.  Yesterday, when I went to the hair dresser I took Basso with me for practice of "being steady" - fortunately my hair dresser is a friend and it was an early appointment before most of the clients arrived.  Of course all the juniors made a huge fuss of him but he was a good boy and sat by my feet while I had my hair chopped.  He only became a little unsettled when he heard the clippers which in his experience are only used for a Brazilian!!!! so he kept his bottom firmly on the floor just in case.  Shiona and Sue arrived quite early and we got stuck in to a full description of the cruise around Alaska, Japan, Russia, Korea and China.  It was an American cruise line and can you believe that they were charging $34 for a bottle of wine which cost $10 retail in Anchorage!!!!  No wonder they make lots of money.

The hens are not laying well after their move and we only had one egg yesterday but hopefully they will settle down and get used to the new surroundings.  In the 24 hours they have been in the green house they have completely destroyed it - all the parsley and chives have been eaten and the path obliterated.  They certainly can shift earth like a JCB when the mood takes them.

My brother and sister in law are due to visit us this weekend but given that he has just had a cystoscopy and not received the all clear I can see that this may get cancelled at the last minute.  I have reassured my sister in law that I will make no preparations until I know exactly what is happening so if they do cancel there will be no problem for me and they can cancel with a clear conscience.  Having said that I will need to have a prospective menu in mind which I can rustle up at the last minute.

The wonderful Jane is due today so the house will get a birthday and for once it is not too much of a tip.  I did have a run about with the hoover yesterday before the ladies arrived.  Tomorrow Shiona and I are going shooting if the weather permits and then we will have a kebab for lunch so no cooking required.

It is pretty chilly here this morning, down to 7 degrees, and we have just had a downpour of rain which the garden is desperate for.  If it is not too cold I really need to clean out the pond pump which is struggling but it is a job I really don't like doing so it tends to get put to the bottom of the list.

Now here is an observation about ones perception of body image.  The last time I dieted seriously and lost 4 stone it didn't alter my perception of what I looked like.  Because I have always been taller than my peers I always felt big and that has never changed no matter what I weigh.  I have never been one for mirrors but yesterday I was forced to sit and look at myself for an hour having my hair done.  The weight loss has made my face look like an empty bag and accentuated every wrinkle of which there are plenty.  My neck looks as if I borrowed it from a tortoise so you see there are draw backs to loosing weight and I still have a way to go before reaching my goal.  Just to reassure you I am not aiming at a size 0, I am 5' 8" and aiming for 11st 9lbs which I think is not too little.  What do you think?

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