Tuesday morning

As promised here is a snap of the chicken shelter which is in the green house, the second one is in their run.  Though the photo doesn't show it well the perches are set at differing heights.  As you can see in the foreground the basil plant is going well and I have yet to coil up the leaky hose that kept the tomatoes watered though the summer.  If it gets very cold I can throw a cover over this construction to give the hens extra warmth but the green house already raises the temperature by 5 degrees so this is only necessary if the temperature is going to drop very low.

As you will note I seem to be on night duty again this week and have been waking at between 2.30 and 3am which is really stupid and leaves me pretty shattered by the end of the day.  Yesterday, we took the dogs for a nice run and I did quite a bit of training with Basso who is coming along in leaps and bounds. He has suddenly realised that the summer holidays are over and now it is serious hunting stuff.  We did the usual trawl round Tesco and restocked on stuff for the diet.  But last night for dinner we had a massive chicken kebab with lots of Turkish salad, no pitta breads though.  Anyway, it was a great treat not to have to cook especially as I was feeling so tired.

While I tried to get some sleep in the afternoon a neighbour came and gave Mike a hand to install some new flood lights.  One illuminates the path to the garage [Freezers] the other points up the garden so that I don't fall in the pond on my way to the hens or the far end shed.  Now that the hours of darkness are increasing it is a most necessary addition.

Today is going to be a busy one the wonderful Jane is due and Mark the gardener is coming also, which means and early pass through the garden to pick up dog poo.  My vegetable sets arrived yesterday so I have onions and shallots and garlic to plant as well as broad beans to put in and over winter.  Given that none of the aliums will be ready until July this cuts down on the spring work considerably.  I have been delighted with my crocus harvest and reckon that I must have gathered close to a gram of saffron.  Which as you know is terribly expensive to buy.

James is coming down on Friday night and is coming to the shoot with me on Saturday which will be nice for me and hopefully entertaining for him.  Well that's about it for this morning time to make a couple of galettes and clean out another cupboard before the sun rises.....

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