Tuesday Morning

Am I a disaster magnet?  Just got an E mail yesterday to say that my eldest son aged 41 has just had a heart attack and where is he? working in Bangkok.  Anyway, fortunately I have a colleague from work whose brother is a world renowned cardiologist working at Harefield so after a few phone calls we have got the names of the best consultants in Bangkok and the boy is off to hospital today hopefully to have some stent put in. But you can imagine as his mother the one thing I want most is to cast my own eyes over him.  Fortunately, this is all settled now but I have been racking my brains as to what was the best course of action.  Should he fly back or should I fly out, neither of which options seemed a good idea. I had a chat on the phone with him this morning and he seems fairly laid back about the whole process.   As he has been out of the country for more than 6 months he would have to pay for treatment here.  And we all know that private medical care carries a very inflated price tag.  From my days in operating theatres I know that the private sector charged 600% more for suture material not to mention charging the purchase price for reusable equipment.  It is a bit like taking a car to the garage and getting an insurance quote versus a normal quote....

Now back to normal life, it was some what cooler yesterday as there was a fair breeze blowing so it felt quite pleasant but I still got the dogs out early for their walk.  With these very early starts I have been having a purge in the kitchen and cleaning all the walls and shelves which get very grubby very quickly.  The early morning is a grand time to get on with such jobs.  Now for some good news my weight is down by two pounds so that is something to celebrate and today is a protein only day so I will be looking to have a steak for lunch and a piece of salmon for dinner.  For desert we are having a lot of sugar free jellies which are nice and easy to make and slip down most acceptably after a meal but some how you feel you have eaten if you have a desert.  I am pretty sure that we must be eating around the 1000 to 1500 calorie mark though I am not counting.  I have religiously done the 20 minutes brisk walk which is recommended so it should work. Only one stone 3 pounds to go!!!!!

With all the muddle yesterday I forgot to water the plants so I will give them a drink as soon as it is light.  The hens were thoroughly fed up with the hot weather and didn't lay at all, just used their nest box as a toilet instead!!!they have no idea of hygienic behaviour.   I think the pond could also do with some attention as the filters and fountain are a bit diminished so probably bunged up with crud.  Don't you just love technical terminology?

Anyway onward and upward time to get going if I run out of chores there is always scarves 11 and 12 to knit.....


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