Thursday Morning

This weather vein has been on the roof for some 20 years long before I had a dog that worked with pheasants  but it must have always been in the back of my mind!!!!

The weather yesterday was of constant and heavy showers but surprisingly we managed to get our shooting done in one of the dry patches.  The guy arrived at 8.30 to do the roof and we now have loads of chicken wire packed in under the solar panels which should prevent any further pigeon problems.  The guttering was also cleaned out and I cannot describe the filth that had accumulated there.  We arrived back from shooting absolutely starving hungry and Shiona and I were dropped off at the Kebab shop.  We bought Jeff a shish kebab as he was a kebab virgin but he got to try some of our chicken and Shiona's donar and had to agree that he had been missing out as it was all delicious, healthy and reasonably priced.  He eventually set off for home at about 3.30 only to have his car side swiped on a roundabout and then get stuck for ages behind an 8 car pile up on the M25 and didn't reach home until gone 6pm.  Fortunately the side swipe driver was insured so it is just a case of bent metal and scratched paint.  Infuriating none the less.

Tuc seems to be fine with no ill effects from his near drowning experience and I am not convinced that he will have learned his lesson.  We are now making plans to put some sort of escape route in the pond so that should he fall in again he can at least get out by himself.  I think this is the least worst option.  Today I will have to go and retrieve the pump from the bottom of the pond where it got knocked in his panic to escape and this may well require me to put on my waders and get into the water as I cannot reach the bottom from the side.  I think the water will be pretty cold but I suppose I should be grateful that at least it isn't raining.

We are going over to Shiona's this evening as she has invited us for supper and a viewing of the photos of her cruise.  The dogs will be coming with us so they can fall into her pond instead!!!  She is fully clued up on our dietary regimen and will be roasting a chicken which will be ideal and staying the night means that Mike can consume his usual quantity of wine and I will not have to drive us home.  On our way home tomorrow we will need to stop off and do some shopping as we are expecting James for dinner and I will need to make a packed lunch for us both for Saturday.  After all this rain I think it may be pretty sticky underfoot so I have found a pair of Mike boots which will fit him.  It is now 6 weeks since his return to work and the promised counselling for his P.T.S.D has not yet materialised so he is still having headaches, flashbacks and nightmares.  The care that he has received at the hands of the Metropolitan Police throughout his illness beggars belief.  When eventually the dust settles I will be putting in a complaint which should light a fire under them that will be visible from outer space.

I have heard nothing from my son in Thailand so I am assuming he is continuing to do well following his heart operation and with all the flooding I am glad he is in a block of flats therefore high up and hopefully out of the water!!!

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