Thursday morning

Yesterday was perishing cold to start off with and this morning is even worse my thermometer outside is reading 3.8 degrees and as it is against a warm house wall I guess it must be close to freezing.  One thing I have noticed about the temperature is that as soon as the sun rises the temperature falls by about 1 degree which is very counter-intuitive as you would expect the temperature to rise.  Anyone got any bright ideas why this might be?

Shiona arrived with her two dogs who were looking very posh having just been to the college where they have been groomed by the students learning dog grooming.  I have put off taking Basso as he is going to need his big coat while working this winter so he will go at the end of February once the season is over.

We took ourselves off shooting and though it was cold the sun was shining and we had a lovely morning blasting 7 bells out of the clays.  Then on the way home we stopped at the kebab shop and ordered ourselves a lovely lunch.  I, stupidly, had forgotten to eat any breakfast and was ready to eat a camel if it would stand still...Anyway having gorged myself on grilled meat and salad all I wanted for supper was a jelly so in the end it was not over the top. The five dogs didn't do badly out of it either and Shiona had enough to take home for supper. Mike has lost a stone and half on this diet so he is pretty pleased with himself and he has continued to drink wine though he has cut back a little.  The steaks I had defrosted for supper last night will now be on the menu for lunch today.  I have got in a bit of a muddle with which days are protein only and which have the added vegetables so I must make a plan to get that back on track thought it seems to be working for us anyway.

I had a chat with James on the phone last night and was delighted when he asked if he could attend the next shoot as he had really enjoyed the day working with Basso.  We are due to go again next weekend and I will be very happy to have the company.  Today I need to make a lemon drizzle cake in anticipation of my visitors this weekend.  If it all goes pear shaped I can put it in the freezer so nothing will be wasted.  I have an order in at the butcher for a foot to 18 inches of sirloin which will make some nice steaks and a small joint.  I am not very good at ordering by weight so I order by length!!!  I also have on order some turkey legs and thighs which will make lots of good meals for both us and the dogs.  He is also hoping to have some ox cheek available so we will have plenty to choose from.  In my quest to replicate the Turkish salad I bought a red cabbage which I have shredded and then put in acidulated water with some salt and left for two day which renders it just slightly pickled and pleasant to eat even without dressing.

I am hoping that the double glazing people will contact me today as my patio doors have jumped off their guide rail and are impossible to lock from the inside.  This is quite inconvenient as they are my means of getting to the garden and more to the point to the freezers and my extra store cupboard.  Fortunately they are still within their 10 year warranty so it should be free of charge.

The hens have found the nest box at last and yesterday they had all laid their eggs in it which saved me looking in all the nooks and crannies for eggs.  They seem to be fairly contented with their new quarters and I am happy to just have one visit per day.

Have a good day all you will be needing your winter woolies today!!!
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