Thursday morning

Cheerful little pansy faces to keep us going through the winter taken under flood lights

Yesterday was a good one, I got loads of things done though I didn't manage to get the onions in the ground I did go through my wardrobe and sort the wheat from the chaff.  Although I live and die in a pair of crocs I went through and polished all my shoes just in case!  I have syphoned out shoes that can go to the clothes bank and all the very light summer stuff has been neatly folded and put away until next summer.  When I am in the mood this sort of thing gives me a real feeling of satisfaction.  The new table arrived on time and in good order and the delivery men assembled it and took away all the packaging - brilliant.  The old table was taken away later in the afternoon so we are all spick and span again.

This morning I set too and updated my iPad which now makes tea and does the ironing I WISH.  Then as the force was with me I went through and updated all the drivers on the main computer which took quite a while.  Anyway everything is up and running well following several reboots.

Today, I am taking a neighbour to the wool shop to choose yarn for 2 scarves which are destined to go to Japan to her mother and sister.  That done we are then going out to lunch with Len and Margaret which will make a pleasant change from cooking.  Today is a protein and vegetable day so it should be reasonably easy to stay within the bounds of the diet.  The dogs will also get a nice walk somewhere different which they always enjoy and I dare say there will be some bits from the lunch by way of a treat.

I have been keeping a close eye on the weather and it looks like we are going to have a really lovely day for the shoot on Saturday which I am really looking forward to.  If I remember I will take the camera with me so we can take some photos.  I usually find it difficult as I have the dog to handle but with James there he can be the official photographer.

Talking of shooting my purge on the pigeons on my roof is bearing fruit and they are now sitting on my neighbours roof as mine is proving very dangerous!!!!

This morning we are having porridge made with oat bran which is not as disgusting as you would think and I have a turkey salad ready in the fridge for dinner tonight if we have not over stuffed ourselves at lunch time.

OK I have wasted enough time on this machine and I am off to clean out a cupboard or two and make a jelly for desert.  I don't know what is happening I seem to be turning into a clean freak - I don't suppose it will last long so I may as well go with the flow.
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