Thursday morning

The fig tree is loaded with fruit that will never ripen such a shame!

I am up horribly early again this morning but it is not so surprising as I do have a few things on my mind.  Lets start with the good things firstly Mike birthday went off well and we had a good morning shooting and a smashing lunch, we were so stuffed that we didn't bother with supper and just ate the jelly I had made.  

I have been bracing myself because bad things tend to happen in threes so with each son causing grief I was waiting for another hammer blow.  Sandi phoned me to say that one of our friends who came training had had a disaster with her lovely gun dog a Logotto romagnolo which while out walking across fields had eaten slug pellets that the farmer had spread and despite all the vets efforts Ruby had died.

Was this the third item and was I now safe for a while?  No, late yesterday evening my sister rang.  Now this in itself is unusual as she has not been in communication with me for over 10 years and is now living in Italy.  You can imagine I was pretty stunned but she wanted medical advise as her husband is in hospital and from what she has described to me of his condition he is terminally ill and doesn't have long to live.  He hates being in hospital so I suggested she take him home and enjoy what is left to them.  I am now getting scared to pick up the telephone for fear of what is coming.  I have heard nothing from Thailand and there is no one to let me know what is happening other than my son so if he is too poorly to make contact I am completely in the dark.  Interestingly Basso senses that all is not well and is no more than 6 inches from me at all times and keeping a very close eye on my every move.  He even slept on the floor at the foot of my bed all night.  The only saving grace is that all the problems are actually other peoples and I suppose I should be flattered that when the manure hits the air conditioning people ring me for help.  Do you think I should set up as an agony aunt?  Or should I just open a home for the bewildered!!!!

My plan for today is to go for a long walk with the dogs and try to clear my head of all the ideas racing around in it.  Then I am going to hit Tesco and have a major restock of all things Dukan.  Today is a protein only day.  Then I mustn't forget there are two pheasants in the fridge in the garage which need to be sorted out and my gun needs cleaning before it is locked away.  Then I think I will go for a sleep and pull the duvet over my head!!!!

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