Sunday morning

Basso had a good day which of course means that we all had a good day. James was put in charge of counting the number of shots fired.  The game keeper likes to know this figure as it shows how many target birds there were and when compared to the bag indicates the proportion of birds killed.  Yesterday there were 280 cartridges fired and the bag was 72 which I think is 1 in 4.  It was considerably chillier than we had expected and the ground was very sticky from the rain.  This was not too bad for the humans in boots but poor old Basso ended up with about a pound of mud on each foot which we didn't really manage to get off until we got home and James helped me man handle him into the bath.  He was very reluctant to get in but once he felt the lovely warm water on his feet he was quite happy to have them washed.  Getting the clay out of the bath afterwards was not much fun.  That job done, you should see my bath mats, we went off up to the kebab shop to collect our supper.  Then we decided to watch a film on DVD in an effort to stay awake.  We watched RED a typical Bruce Willis film with stacks of gun fire and improbable situations but quite funny Helen Mirren was, as usual, fabulous.  By 9pm we were all out of gas and cluttered off to bed but of course I am up at my usual time only the clocks have gone back so I am up an hour early.  Some of the clocks have changed themselves but there are still plenty to go round changing including the one we always forget which is the car.
Clean feet and a well earned rest

James is shooting off after breakfast this morning as he has some chores to to when he gets home,  I have a piece of sirloin to roast for lunch and for dinner we will have it cold with some left over Turkish salad.  I must admit that this is where I will miss my Yorkshire pudding and roast potatoes but I am standing firm as I have so little weight still to loose and I want if off by Christmas.  

Next week looks like being pretty busy as we will be having Shiona over for shooting Wednesday , Thursday we are taking Sandi and David to Kings college hospital for 7am then on Friday I am off to Rigby and Peller to have a bra fitted for the first time in my life I may actually get one that fits correctly.  The Blacksmith is also coming to measure up for the railings which Mike will supervise as I will be out.

Now a question for Anne is there a proportion of fat meals to non fat meals required on this diet or are you at liberty to eat the meal of your choice?  The recipe book I have divides the meals into phase 1 2 3 but doesn't make clear the difference, or the length of time for each phase apart from 1 which is a week.  I was a little worried about changing horses mid stream but it is fairly similar in design to what we have been doing with the addition of the fat meals and carb meals.  It does go on about craving food, which I don't do, yes I get hungry but I don't crave carbs or fats.

I think today will be a pottering and pampering day I feel a long soak in the bath coming on which will take some of the ache out of the old muscles.  The are, where the shoot is, some pretty steep climbs one of which has the nick name "heart attack hill",  fortunately I usually draw a position only half way up but that is enough for me.  This is the hill that I slid down on my bum the first time Basso saw a bird fall and decided to go and get it and I got dragged bodily behind him.  However, that is one lesson learned, this time he stood his ground until he was sent to pick up the bird and I remained vertical.  There was one lovely incident on the last drive Basso out ran and fetched another dogs bird which I threw in the back of the truck.  The deprived dog then jumped into the truck retrieved the bird and took it to his owner.  They really are quite funny!!!

Anyway time I got on with some chores I just abandoned everything last night so all the muddy stuff needs sorting out and I think the washing machine will be working overtime today.

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