Sunday morning

Yesterday, while I was walking the dogs I was accosted by a lady in the car-park who was struggling to read the tag on a dogs collar.  She like me couldn't see without glasses but Mike had his in the car so between us we managed to read the tag which had, as it turned out, a redundant mobile number on it.  Apparently the little chap had been seen running around the car-park for a couple of days.  The lady, a professional dog walker, was concerned about putting the dog into her car as she already had others in there.  It was decided that she would go and drop off her charges and return to collect the stray.  In the mean time I took him for a walk with my pack and stopped everyone I met in an effort to find his owner.  No luck there, and so he was packed off to the RSPCA where hopefully he would be given a square meal which he looked in need of as his ribs were very prominent.  I hope I bump into the dog walker again as I would be very interested to learn the outcome.

My visitors are arriving at tea time today so I have left the house cleaning chores until this morning.  I spent yesterday evening making French onion soup which takes forever to get the onions to brown and now the whole house smells like an onion farm.  The stock made from the bones is very tasty and has made a good base for the soup, the remainder, which I reduced to 3 litres, is going into the freezer.  I can hear you asking "is it worth the hassle?" the answer is yes.  The dogs appreciated the meal of turkey and Bambi bits and I have packed two more meals into the freezer for them. We had two meals from the turkey thighs so all in all it has worked out well.

I have decided to make a very simple dessert which just entails dunking some ginger nuts in sherry and then sandwiching them together with whipped cream and grating a bit of chocolate over the top. Looks good, tastes nice and only takes 5 minutes to make - my kind of dessert.

I ordered some table mats for John Lewis which arrived yesterday so I can dispense with the oil cloth from the new table and lay it up in all its glory.  I have a couple of pretty table clothes but they are very large and would fit the table only when the extra leaves are added so for just 4 of us the mats are a better solution plus they don't need to be laundered.

Well that's about it for today I have yesterdays crossword puzzle which I haven't even started yet and will leave until all the jobs are complete.  Once I get stuck in I am like a terrier with a rag and nothing will make me stop until it is completed!!!!
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