Sunday morning

Basso and I wait patiently for the beaters to drive the birds from the woods.

James and I had a wonderful day yesterday.  It was long and hard but we came home very satisfied with our efforts and best of all really pleased with Basso's efforts. Of the the 90 bird bag, he must have collected about 10 of them.  Given that there were 6 people picking up, one of whom had 5 dogs, that was none too bad.  He took directional commands very well from James but then brought the birds to me.  James was not allowed to have them.  All birds belong to me!!!  The weather was fabulous with warm sun but a cool air temperature despite starting with a heavy frost it soon warmed up.  

By the time we arrived home we were absolutely famished so the new Kebab shop was a real god send.  And I must admit, that though I shouldn't have, I did eat a flat bread with my meat and salad.  Given that all I had had all day was a galette and 2 hard boiled eggs and 2 tomatoes I felt justified in my indiscretion.  I also think it did James a power of good to spend a day in the fresh country air and away from all things Police.  

Basso was exhausted and is still fast asleep but Tuc one of the terriers managed to rip a dew claw last night so he is on cage rest with a bandaged foot.  Isn't it crazy I take a full first aid kit with me as Basso is the most likely to injure himself  jumping over fences and galloping over flint strewn fields but he came home unscathed and it was one of the Terriers that needed attention having stumbled over a pair of shoes in the house.

Today will be a quiet one I hope.  James and I put all our clothes in the washing machine then out on an airer to dry over night.  We were just a tad filthy and  as his clothes are now dry I think he will head back to London either after breakfast or may be after lunch when he sees the chicken going into the oven.  I would have liked to give him the pheasants but I think he would look a little conspicuous on the train with a brace of birds and then hanging them in his flat might prove difficult so I will give him the frozen breast from my previous birds and deal with these on Tuesday or Wednesday.   As we had four birds I donated two to neighbour who likes pheasant as I know that by the time the season is over I will be completely sick to death of pheasant.

Well that's about it for this morning time for more coffee and sitting doing the crossword puzzle in the radio times which is not much of a challenge but a good time waster.  Have a peaceful day all.....


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