Sunday morning

Every walk is a training opportunity so Basso is made to sit.  I do not use the command wait or stay because if he is sitting then he is doing both.  He was told to sit while people and their dogs walked past and for once didn't move a muscle.  He is getting much better at walking to heel with no lead so I am very pleased that all the practice is paying off.

Mike was playing with his new camera while I walked the dogs and it has a super zoom on it.  In the next photo you can see the chimney in the background and then see at full zoom.

Pretty impressive I think for a compact digital.  You can even see the ship delivering coal to the power station.

Anyway once the walk was done it was time to get stuck in to the crossword puzzle which I have still not finished so I can have some time today to get it completed.  I usually have to look up some things on Google but I think that is all to the good as you learn quite a lot in the process.

The it was time for our three course lunch of  hard boiled egg stuffed with a little smoked salmon followed by a sirloin steak and a coffee jelly topped with a swirl of Greek yoghurt sweetened with candarel and flavoured with vanilla so a bit like Chantilly cream.  It was a protein only day so no vegetables....The dogs are enjoying this diet as they get all the fat trimmings from the meat.  They also got the skin from the smoked haddock and poached egg we had for dinner.

At the moment it is pouring with rain but it is due to clear later in the morning so at least I will not have to do any watering.  It is 14 degrees this morning but it was only 10 yesterday so a bit warmer.  I have no real plans for today other than to prepare the meals and continue with my cleaning efforts in the kitchen.  I am having to be a bit careful so as not to reawaken my tennis elbow with lots of scrubbing.  To this end I am restricting myself to one cupboard per day.  I think it will be a bit like painting the forth bridge as it is going to take a while.

Today's menu is vegetable soup then a large mixed salad, followed by meat balls in tomato sauce and a blackcurrant jelly and for dinner some smoked salmon followed by a trout fillet with broccoli and plain yoghurt for desert.  We eat our compulsory galette half for breakfast with a poached egg and the remainder with the soup rather like croutons.  I hope you can see from my descriptions that while it is quite labour intensive in the preparation we are certainly not short of food and are still loosing weight at the recommended amount of 2 pound per week.  The great thing is that nothing is restricted in quantity but it is quite difficult to eat large amounts of protein with nothing to help it down.  The only thing I am truly missing is olive oil to dress my salad.  I thought I would be desperate for carbohydrates but not so which is a real surprise.  Don't tell me what you are having for Sunday lunch I know I will be very jealous!!!!

Well time to get on with the cleaning and make the galettes.......


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