Sunday morning but only just

This photo shows one of the newly planted rape fields where we were yesterday and if you look hard the small dot in the centre is Sandi and her dog Yoda waiting in case any birds fell.  I obviously, was taking the photo and covering my end of the field.  As you can see it is a pretty large area to cover so you can see why  dogs are needed.

It was a really scorching day, so we tried to keep our walking to a minimum and drove the cars as close as possible on each of the drives.  In all only some 20 birds were shot but Basso got his fair share and picked up 3 partridges and a 1 pheasant.  The poor boy was very hot and so I spent the whole of the lunch hour standing in the shade of a barn trying to get him cooled down ready for the afternoon.  By about 3pm we were all pretty shattered and very hot so it was a real pleasure to bomb home down the motorway with all the windows open.  When arrived both Basso and I drank gallons of water despite having tried to keep ourselves hydrated during the day I think we were both a bit short. Our prize of two pheasants is hanging in the garage and will make a nice meal for us in a couple of days.  I ran the hose over Basso, which he didn't appreciate, and then put myself in the shower as I was pretty rancid. I don't know which of us smelled worse? I had been a little nervous of how Basso would perform given last years fiasco with the partridge but I need not have worried he performed very well.  Sandi reported to me that she overheard one of the guns commenting that he was pleased that the big white fluffy dog which he really loved was picking up today,  so that was very pleasing.

Supper of chicken and vegetables, all pre prepared thank heaven, was very early and I was in my bed not long after and  stone cold out about halfway through Merlin.  Hence, here I am at 2.30 wide awake and raring to go.   It is beautifully cool now so I may run the iron over a few items while I have the opportunity as I believe it is going to be another scorcher today.  As soon as it is light enough I will get some water on the potted plants which should have been done last night but I had run out of gas by then.

Over the last week or so I have been harvesting my saffron drying it and adding to my small box.  I think I must have got almost a gram which in saffron terms is quite a harvest.  As you can imagine I am thrilled skinny and looking forward to using some in a lovely risotto as soon as I have achieved my correct weight.  Sadly that wont be for a while as I have some way to go.

I have little planned for today other than recuperating and trying to keep cool.  I do have one chore to do but it is a very nice one.   I have to deliver a bottle of champagne to one of James friends who has just bought a house not far from us and moved in on Friday.

Well that's about it for this morning if I start to feel sleepy I will go back to bed and see if I can get a bit more shut eye but at the moment I am feeling very energetic so I may as well get on with a few bits and pieces........I may even have a go with the steam cleaner while it is cool!!!!

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