Saturday morning

Good morning all well I am back in my own home and at my own computer and the good news is that I am 2 lbs lighter so only 8 to go.  Someone sent me a very interesting article by Zoë Harcombe which busts 20 dietary myths like the five a day one for a start.  I think this is the diet regimen that you are following Anne?  Anyway it makes for some interesting reading and explains why what I am doing is working.  Having read her biography on the net she does seem to be a very reputable researcher.

The trawl through Tesco yesterday was absolute purgatory not only was it Friday but also half term so the shop was packed but I managed to negotiate my way round fairly quickly and make a hasty retreat.  We then stopped by the butcher to pick up some more steaks and I was given a bag of beef bones which I will make into stock at some point but currently they are in the freezer.  James arrived at about 7pm and we ate our dinner and went very early to bed as we were all very tired.  It has been a busy week for me and I have missed out on lots of sleep so I was desperate to get to my bed.

I need to be bright and awake today as we are off to the shoot with Basso.  I had made provision for wet weather but now it looks like it will be a reasonable day just very over cast and cloudy but dry and not too cold.  Mike has arranged with a local blacksmith to get some railings and a gate to put across the garden which should make it safe for the dogs while we are out but still leave them some outside space for toilet facilities.  As yet we haven't had a quote but I am sure it will cost an arm and leg.  But what price peace of mind!!!!  Tuc is revelling in all the attention after his near drowning experience which according to him requires a constant supply of treats!!!

Well that's about it for this morning time for more coffee and making the packed lunches.  Mike has a treat for his lunch in the form of some venison sausages which I have already cooked for him.  Then tonight we will hit the Kebab shop for supper so I don't have to cook when I get back.  What a lovely treat!!!!

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