Saturday morning

Yes, I know what you are thinking, empty vegetable beds but no, what you can't see is that I have planted broad beans, garlic, shallots and onions and all the beds are full.  I really like this over wintering idea not only do you have an early crop but there is nothing except a bit of weeding and watering to do until July when you can harvest all the goodies.  I have left the bed for the runner beans and the bed of spinach which is well under way.  The saffron crocuses have just about finished and I must have picked about a gram of saffron so I am thrilled what has also surprised me is how the bulbs are multiplying so next year should be even better.

James didn't arrive until quite late last night and as I didn't manage an afternoon sleep I feel pretty shattered today.  However I am sure once I am in the field I will be fine and with James for company it should be fun.  I am not sure if Sandi will make it as she is grieving for the loss of her old dog who died yesterday.  We all knew it was on the cards but it is still devastating when it happens.  James has never been to a shoot before so it will be a new experience for him and I hope Basso behaves and shows him just what he can do.  While we were out on our walk yesterday we practised the stop whistle which entails calling the dog to you and then blowing your whistle when he is part way back which should stop him dead in his tracks.  This has proved very difficult as he tends to come all the way back to me.  Anyway yesterday I managed to stop him first about 4 feet away then at about 8 feet and suddenly he seemed to get what it was I was wanting so huge and lavish praise.  Dog training is much like plate spinning you have to keep going back and spinning the first few plates.  Similarly you have to revisit earlier training just to reinforce it.  Anyway it looks like the weather is going to be kind to us and we are in for a lovely sunny day but hopefully not as hot as last time.  Can you believe a fortnight ago it was 35 degrees.

Well that brings us up to date now I have to go and make the packed lunches flasks of tea and gather all the bits for the dog.  In the winter I keep a box in the car with all the necessary bits like wellies hats gloves towels for the dog etc. it is easier than having to round up all the bits you might need.  I also carry a comprehensive first aid kit for the dog  to which I have added a few bits too to make it useful for humans as well.  It is silly things like wire cutters that tend to get forgotten but if your dog gets tangled in barbed wire you are going to need them quickly.

Have a great day all and Joy enjoy your cooking fest I only wish I could have a flask of that soup to take with me!!!


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