Saturday morning

Yesterdays lunch before I attacked it with the various implements.

I had a very quiet day yesterday feeling pretty tired from a week of woe which although the problems were mostly other peoples giving advice takes its toll on you psychologically.  You are left wondering if you have advised correctly and don't really want the responsibility of giving bad directions.  I made the venison stock which has been reduced from 4.5 litres down to 1 litre and is now cold and ready for the freezer.  I picked the meat from the bones which was enough for all three dogs for both breakfast and supper.  Then it was on with cleaning the crab which is a fairly tedious job but one that I don't mind as I can sit and listen to music or the radio while I am doing it.  The shell is kept in the freezer for my next go at a shell fish reduction which is very worthwhile making.  I boiled down some immature figs in white wine and rum with copious sugar and have bottled them.  I am not sure if they will compare to the commercially available baby figs in jars but we will see when I open them.  As you can imagine all of this created stacks of washing up so that occupied me for a while I seem to dirty every available pot and pan sieve and spoon.

Now for a bit of good news the diet is working another pound and half gone this morning.  That makes a  total of 8.5 since starting and added to the 9 I had already lost is a grand total of 1 stone 3.5lbs.  This is all very pleasing!!!! and at this rate I should reach my goal weight before the Christmas blow out.

The pigeons are gradually getting the message that my roof is not the best to perch on as they run the risk of being shot.  I got another one yesterday and when I loaded the gun Basso was upstairs but he heard me cock it and came down the stairs at two hundred miles per hour ready and waiting to get anything I shot.

In this picture he is lying in front of one of the terriers beds and can you believe he can curl himself up small enough to fit in it....  

Well as it is Saturday I am going to treat myself to the Telegraph so I can do the crossword I am only doing it fortnightly as next Saturday is a working day for Basso so I won't have the time.  Today is a protein only day so I have some steak and some smoked haddock as the main meals and will have to try to be inventive with them.  

It has been very blustery outside with some sharp showers but I find the 10 degree temperature easier to cope with than the 35 we had last week.  I am pretty glad that this week is over and am looking forward to having a more relaxed time next week.  Have a good weekend all...............

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