Saturday morning

Yesterday was a scorcher and today is set to be even worse.  Goody, goody just what is needed for the opening of the shooting season :( some how I don't think my bathing costume would be appropriate attire for the event.  I have told Mike that I will only stay as long as the dog is OK and I will leave as soon as he looks like overheating.   By way of a packed lunch I am taking a galette and 2 hard boiled eggs and two tomatoes yes it is a vegetable day.  More importantly I am taking plenty to drink for both Basso and I and a small tub of sugar for him in case he gets into trouble.

After my abortive wait for deliveries everything arrived yesterday the mattress is now on Mikes bed so I hope he will sleep as well as I do in his cloud of memory foam.  The steam cleaner also arrived and as you can imagine it was a really good day to try it out!!!  Anyway I couldn't resist having a small go and so I did half the kitchen floor.  The steam blew all the dirt out of the grout between the tiles with ease and if for no other reason than it will save me a hands knees and scrubbing brush clean, it is worth it. The generator comes with a plethora of attachments for all eventualities and I can't wait to put it through its paces.  However, I didn't need to kill myself in the heat so I cannot give you a full description of its uses. I can see that there will be many things where it will come in handy for example cleaning out the hen house which would benefit from sterilising and cleaning the glass, staging and flower pots in the green house.  My kitchen is tiled floor to ceiling as is the bathroom  and utility room so all of those have the grout problem.  Then there is lifting stubborn stains from the carpets, cleaning the seating of the taps and toilet seats oh the list is endless......My biggest problem is where to store the thing when not in use!!!
Now on to the scarf saga I actually managed to sell three scarves last night.  I am not making a profit but selling at cost as it is a therapeutic thing for me to knit.  I sold a pair of petrol coloured ones to a neighbour and a purple one to her friend  all of which will need to be replaced so I have plenty to keep me occupied when I am not steam cleaning everything. 

I also bought a new alarm clock for my bedroom as the old one had died.  It is great but took me some time to organise as you need a degree in aeronautical engineering to operate the thing.  You may wonder why someone who is up at 4 am would need an alarm clock.  The answer is that it stops me getting up a 2am thinking it is 4 which would be just too awful.

Now for a disaster I decided to make a milk jelly using skimmed milk and sugar free jelly crystals.  I proceeded as per the instructions and heated half the quantity of milk and added the jelly only to find that it separated out into clear water and raspberry flavoured chewing gum.  The protein in the milk set solid in moments most intriguing.  Anyway, not to be defeated I started again with the jelly melted in some water, then when cool added to some milk which made a tolerable desert in the end.  I will make a couple of strawberry flavoured ones for supper tonight now I have it cracked.  I have had to cook a meal ready form Mike while I am out so I roasted a chicken last night and we had the legs for supper.  The breasts I hope will be enough for both Mikes lunch and our supper especially as I can bulk it up a bit with vegetables.  The carcass is in a pot as I type making some soup which will do for another meal.  I have very carefully removed all the fat from everything to keep the calories as low as possible. 

OK time I started to make some preparations for the day say a small prayer for Basso and I and if you don't hear from us again you will know the sun stroke got us!!!!



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