Saturday moring

There are times when I despair for my sanity!  Yesterday, I booked the engineer to come and fix my patio doors on Monday lunch time.  Where am I on Monday lunch time - out celebrating my brother in laws birthday with the whole family.  What an idiot!!!  I will have to hope that they have someone in the office on a Saturday or ring at the crack of dawn on Monday and reschedule.

Now for the good news another 2lbs have vanished from the scales so only 10lbs to go to target and at this rate it will only take about 5 weeks.  My visitors are not coming until tea time on Sunday so I have plenty of time to get round with the hoover.  I have decided that we will be having a some French onion soup followed by a sirloin steak with assorted vegetables and lemon drizzle cake with cream for dessert.

The decision to make the French onion soup was made for me, to some extent, as when Mike returned from the butcher yesterday he had two large bags of bones.  One bag was from venison the other from some turkeys.  Everything was put through a very hot oven to brown and then into my mega pot to boil so today I can strain off the stock, pick the meat from the bones for the dogs and reduce the stock to manageable quantities.  The pot holds 14 litres which is a bit much even for me....

The dogs were given three shoulder bones raw so they thought they had died and gone to heaven.  I then thought I would try an experiment and asked Basso to bring me his bone and give it to me.  Can you imagine my surprise when he complied willingly and dropped his bone in my hand.  I feigned giving it a chew and then returned it with lavish praise.  I have always practised taking food from the dogs so they understand all food is in my gift but the terriers would not willingly bring it to me.

It is certainly a bit warmer this morning and up to 7 degrees so it looks like we might be in for a nice weekend.  Now that I am awake fully I have to put my writing skills to use and construct a statement for the department of professional standard of the metropolitan police detailing several incidents that occurred while James was in hospital.  I cannot believe the mud slinging trivia that our taxes are being wasted on.  Enough said!!!!!

Have a good day all  and enjoy what looks like a good weekend

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