Monday morning

I seem to be completely at sea with not only the days of the week but now the hours of the day.  I was convinced that today was Tuesday and that Jane would be coming.  Instead of course it is Monday and I have a peaceful day.  I never got round to my leisurely soak yesterday as I got embroiled in the laundry and then a roast beef lunch so today I will have to make an effort to have a good soak.  If for no other reason than the bath could use a good clean and being a spa type the jets could all use a blow through and it is easier to do it while in the bath.

The boy spent most of the day relaxing but today I am going to get him out for a bit of training.  The weather is supposed to be mild then windy and wet but it looks like there is a gap for shooting on Wednesday.  Having run the washing machine hard yesterday I have a nice pile of ironing to keep me amused this morning however it would be more sensible to wait until it is light and we are generating our own power.  I now put the dishwasher on once it is light rather than run it at night.  The bed sheets could also use changing but I will only do one bed at a time otherwise I get in a muddle with the sheets as they are all white I have problems distinguishing a single duvet cover from a double sheet.  Well that is my excuse anyway!!!

Yesterday with a view to changing dietary regimen I had scrambled eggs with butter but no toast and Oh they were so delicious I have really missed butter and olive oil over the last couple of months.  However it did feel all wrong and I felt quite guilty eating them.  While the oven was on yesterday I put a butter nut squash through which will be made into soup today using the stock from the beef bones.  I think I will start on Phase 2 of this diet as I have already done a couple of months on very restricted carbohydrate and fat.    The one part of the diet that doesn't make sense to me is that you are supposed to eschew all things processed which is fine until it says decaffeinated coffee and tea both of which are processed and unnatural.  Anyway I refuse on principle to use decaffeinated coffee under any circumstances.

I am at bit of a loss, having finished knitting my last scarf, I think I could fancy knitting something fine, in cotton, possibly 4ply which will keep me occupied for a while I just don't know what.  Nothing too big or I might loose the will to live before it is finished.  I do love fine crochet but that does require good eyesight, lots of concentration and constant counting and beside I have ample doilies and coasters.  Anyway I am definitely looking for a winter project.  You will have noticed that the cleaning bug didn't last that long!!!!

Anyway I am going to have a mooch around on the net and see if something takes my fancy.  Have a good day all and enjoy these mild temperatures while they last.

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