Monday morning

Plenty of berries on the mountain ash to keep the birds happy in the winter.   The usual colour is red but the variety of tree I have has these creamy blush pink berries.  If I remember correctly it is called Jacobs Coat...

Yesterday, was one of chores to get everything ready for the visitors, however, I did manage to watch the All Blacks win the Rugby world cup.  It is always nice when a host nation wins but it was a very close match with some very good play on both sides.

The dinner went down well and the rather pathetic dessert was eaten enthusiastically.  Sadly it was all bit "off piste", as far as the diet is concerned and lunch today will also be more than we are allowed however two meals are not likely to cause too much damage.  I have pre ordered a pate starter [not good] and mussels for the main course [good] and dessert I can skip so not devastating.   I must admit that I am quite evangelical about it being so close to my goal weight and the sooner I get there the sooner I can relax a bit and get to enjoy some of the things I have been denied.  I will then be allow to reintroduce one piece of fruit per day, two celebration meals per week and carbs twice a week.  I feel a risotto coming on especially with the lovely saffron that I have grown this year.

There will be a party of 11 of us at the pub for lunch which will include the birthday boy his wife and three children plus Mikes other two brothers and their respective wives.  I have charged up all the photographic equipment so that we can take plenty of pictures to remember the day by.  It is not often that the whole family gets together.  I think the last time was Mikes 70th which was all a wonderful surprise for him as he thought it was just a meal for the two of us.....

We are going to have a light breakfast this morning as we will all need room for lunch so it will be just a boiled egg with soldiers and some coffee.

As you can see the hens have settled into their winter quarters and have completely obliterated the path in the green house and stripped out any weeds that were there.  They have become very bold and give me a good pecking when I go to feed and water them.  They don't seem to have any loyalty to their eggs and are quite happy for me to take them but they always claim to be starving!!!!

I have a good few hours to empty the dish washer and for once the kitchen is not in a state of devastation.  I had managed to get everything ready in advance so there was little left to wash up.  Anyway I can amuse myself laying the table for breakfast...

Have a good day all

P.S. commiseration Remi and Marjorie

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