Monday morning

Yesterday was a relatively quiet day I did a roast chicken for lunch using the halogen oven which did a brilliant job as usual and while it was doing its thing James and I went and moved the hens to their winter accommodation.  I am pleased that I decided to do it while James was still here as it certainly was a two man task.  Basso sat the other side of the gate looking on in pity, as we fruitlessly chased the birds up and down the run.  I'm sure he felt he could have done a much better job of rounding them up.  Anyway, they are now settled in the green house and it means that through the winter I will only have to make one journey per day to collect the eggs and feed and water them.  James managed to get a lift back to London with a colleague so the slow tortuous train journey was avoided.  I sent him home with a couple of frozen pheasant breasts for his efforts on Saturday.  Tuc the terrier kept his bandage on all night which was a great surprise and when I removed it the wound was nice and dry so I have left him to deal with it.

More good news, another pound has gone despite the small slips this week leaving just 12lbs to my optimum weight so all is going according to plan.  I know that these last pounds will be difficult but as yet I am still focused so I will try upping the exercise element a little to burn off a few extra calories.  Today will be difficult as I have friends coming for lunch and have taken a large game pie from the freezer which we will have with some peas and spuds.  If I stick to just the filling of the pie and avoid the pastry and vegetables I should be all right.  I have made a coffee flavoured jelly for dessert but mine is made with skimmed milk and theirs with cream.  It sounds weird but it is just a cup with a double espresso and cream set with a bit of gelatine and then topped with whipped cream.  It tastes fine and is something a bit different.  Not to mention easy!!!!

My first port of call this morning is the hairdresser which is something I really hate with a passion but is necessary from time to time as I begin to look like an ungroomed Afghan hound.  My appointment is at 8.45  so I will be back in plenty of time to sort out the lunch and run the hoover around a little.

Now for a small moan.  I notice my readers are quite a few in number but they never put their heads above the parapet and write a comment.  This saddens me as I would like some feed back.  However, "it is better to write for oneself and loose ones readers than to write for the readers and loose oneself"!!!!  This is a quote but I don't know who from perhaps you might?

Joy and Anne you know this doesn't apply to you two and I really value your comments.....

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