Monday morning

Yesterday started with some rain but finally finished in a warm sunny day.. We spent the morning making some new accommodation units for the hens.  One for the green house which is ready for their winter quarters and one for their run.  I will take some snaps today so you can see what we have actually done.  The hens like to perch for the night so we have included some broom handle perches for them.  I then made a start on my bedroom first a bit of a clean of all the nooks and crannies that usually get missed then on to an initial sort of summer and winter clothes.  Back come all the fleecy tops and warm jumpers and away go all the very flimsy bits.  There is always a middle range which stay put but at least I have made a start!!!  This is one of the jobs I really hate doing.

I spent some time in the garden with Basso refining his retrieving skills and making sure he fetches only that which he is asked to fetch.  This is important as he must fetch wounded birds before dead ones for obvious reasons.  He seem to get the general idea and was in a cooperative mood so all went well.

For lunch, as is was a vegetable day, we had a bowl of vegetable soup followed by some meat balls in tomato with steamed broccoli and for desert a blackcurrant jelly.  Dinner was some crab sticks, which Mike has a passion for [I can't say I am impressed] followed by a trout fillet with salad and a yoghurt for dessert.  It is strange but I find it easier to do the pure protein days than those with vegetables.  I have yet to find a dressing for salad that I find acceptable and so end up with none which is like eating grass.  Balsamic vinegar is OK but it gets very boring after a while.  Lemon and honey would be nice but honey is not allowed.  Of course the only real dressing includes olive oil also not allowed.  Anyway we have made it to the end of week three with little or no unhappiness.  We seem to be going through tons of no fat dairy products and they tend to form the bulk of my shopping list.

A new kebab house is opening at the top of our road so tonight we are going to have chicken kebabs with salad and no pita bread we will be having the galette instead but it will be a treat not to have to cook so I am really looking forward to an evening off.

Well that's it for today as it is so early first I am going to watch Spooks which I missed last night then I will make a start on one of my kitchen cupboards.  Have a good day all............


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