Monday morning

Well as it turned out my extremely early start yesterday worked out rather well.  I managed to pack in a days work before the sun rose and then shot out early to walk the dogs while it was still cool.  I had a run around with the steam cleaner and did one of the internal doors which has many panes of glass and is a real pig to clean as there are so many corners.  The smears you can see only appear in when hit by the camera flash but to the naked eye it looks fine.  I also did all the grout in the tiles on the kitchen and utility floor.  The only draw back is the size of the water tank which only holds .75 litre of water so although this makes it light to carry it does limit the amount of work you can do in one session.  I popped in to see James friends new house which is really lovely with a very neat and beautifully laid out garden.  She has bought herself a  real gem so I hope she is happy there.  When I finally crashed out in my bed for a snooze at about 3pm the room had reached 28.7 degrees so even with the fan running full tilt it was pretty uncomfortable.  I now know the temperature as the new clock gives a reading however I was so shattered that I slept for a good hour anyway.  According to the weather forecast the weather is set to stay pretty hot but gradually the temperature will fall and we may even get some rain on Wednesday.  I for one will be delighted!!!!

Last nights supper saw us reach the end of the second week of the diet which we have adhered to very rigidly so I awarded us both a piece of really dark chocolate by way of a treat.  My weight has not moved one ounce since the initial loss but I will keep going as I know from experience that this can happen and while it is disheartening giving up is not the answer.  I would like to increase my exercise but it is really to hot for that at the moment.  Today is a vegetable day so I have plans for plenty of salad with some cold meat for lunch and a home made burger and more salad for dinner.  With the weather so hot you don't feel much like eating anyway.

I moved my hanging pheasants to the refrigerator yesterday as it was a little too warm in the garaged and come Wednesday I will deal with them.  I think I will casserole the legs and just keep the breast in the freezer for a time when I can wrap them in pancetta and fry them.   I thought I would hang on to the livers and gradually collect enough to make a pate.  I don't see why it shouldn't work like chicken livers do you?

Well that's about it for this morning time to get on with the chores before the sun rises and cooks us all.....

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