Tuesday afternoon edition

My whirly washing line looks like a fountain

Difficult to show flood light effect but I can now see to get around in the dark.  Having had such an early start I have had a good couple of hours sleep this afternoon and it almost feel like a new day. Two for the price of one!!

It has been pretty windy today but mild so lots of jobs got done in the garden and I am now ready to start planting out the onions etc.

The hens day shelter is now complete with a sheet of glass from an old window on top to stop the wood from getting saturated and also to make it easy to clean.

During the hours of darkness I occupied myself with cleaning out the cupboard under the sink which is a bit of a hell hole but now it is pristine and tidy.  Not sure how long it will last but it is pleasing for the moment.  I also had another go with the steam machine and the grout in the floor tiles is gradually getting back to its original colour.  I also made a big batch of pesto as the plants in the green house which were going to seed.  I have made it without Parmesan which will be added later when it is used.  Apparently it is not happy to be frozen with the cheese so we will see what the net result is like once we are allowed to eat normally again.

I have a machine load of laundry to get out on the line it is a bit late but it can always stay over night if necessary.  Then I can get on with the supper preparations scallops wrapped in ham followed by a home made burger and salad wrapped in a galette and lastly a strawberry jelly with Chantilly yoghurt.  Now here is a conundrum why is it I can eat the salad provided with a kebab without dressing and yet I find my own salad all but impossible.  What do they do to make red and white cabbage and raw onions acceptable I think it has been soaked in salt water for some time to remove the very strong tastes..... Answers on a postcard!!!
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