Friday morning

What  a strange feeling of deja vu.  Here I am sitting where I sat when I first started this blog.  It was in the wee small hours of the morning just after Shiona's husband had died and I was emotionally drained and at a loss for what to do while she slept, so I sat and poured out my feelings and sent them off into the ether.  I was completely gob smacked with the hundreds of replies offering comfort and support.

Everyone is still fast asleep, all the people and all 6 dogs who are in the conservatory.  They must know I am up and have managed to work out how the coffee machine works but they haven't made a sound yet.  So I am letting sleeping dogs lie.

We had a wonderful dinner last night of a lovely pot roast brisket from a highland cow brought back from scotland.  I have just read that sentence and it is confusing the brisket was brought back not the cow!!!   Mike and I had a fat free yoghurt for dessert while the others had biscuit and cheese.  I managed to resist the cheese but Mike managed to sneak a couple of bits.  The remaining gravy and left over mash was duly divided amongst the 4 legged friends and believe me it is no mean feet to get 6 dogs to sit and wait as each is served before giving the command EAT.  This is why you cant take them to posh restaurants their manners are not quite up to it not to mention their pocket money would never cover the bill however they would be more than willing to do the washing up!!!!  We were just sitting looking at the photos from the cruise, on the big flat screen TV, when her friends phone rang.  It was his daughter in Australia ringing to let him know he was the grandfather of a beautiful baby girl [first grandchild] so a moment for great celebration and opening a bottle or two.  Shiona is knitting a cot blanket and now she can add the date of birth which of course is actually todays date as they are 12+ hours ahead of us in Aus.

I had a very luxurious night sleeping under a silk duvet brought back from China which is light as a single sheet but warm as toast.  Silk is a really wonderful thing...  Once everyone is up and breakfasted we will head back home stopping at Tesco to replenish the larder and buy something for supper tonight as we are expecting James.  I will also need to get him something for his packed lunch tomorrow as I am sure he would not be happy with a hardboiled egg and a tomato.  The last time I got him a couple of cornish pasties, sorry I forgot we are not allowed to call them that any more so they must be Gillingham pasties.  Incidentally did you know that the word pastie comes from the old cornish language and means coffin.  You see you do learn things from the TV sometimes.

Well that is about it for this morning time for a second cup of coffee and then finish scarf 13 and start 14.  Have a good day all and lets hope it is a dry one.....

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